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  1. i guess it depends on how you want to spend your day. a lifter truck with 38's can go thru some goo ... so you could spend the day having fun. all stock with the winch, and you know your getting stuck i'd go with tires .. not 38's (unless i already had gears), but not all-terrains either.
  2. my set up is like this ... except i have true duels, no cats, duel mufflers, and H-pipe. i used flowtech shorty headers (with ball hook-ups... the flange hook-ups always leak), 2-1/2 pipe routed stock untill you hit the first gas tank (removed on my truck) i have two mufflers (no flows, glass, ets.) turned up (tall, not wide). my pipes then widen to 2-3/4 and turn away from each other where the spare tires would sit (also removed). pipes dump right behind rear wheels on each side of truck. i would be afraid to run freaks set up. i can see them crushing, or tearing them off within a month (of course my truck is not as high as his ) question - why do so you remove the Xfer case shield ???
  3. damn !!!! and i thought they were bad in Florida
  4. i dont know .. that new dodge is going to be one hell of a truck. so F150 owners are not welcomed ??? neither will i. i dont like the direction the truck went. - no standard cab short box - no manual - no bech seat (remember, standard cab ) too posh .. but all trucks are going this way i may never buy a new truck again.
  5. i think it depends more on how/where you drive and the rim width. narrower rims will allow a taller tire. this will not help if you rock crawl but will be fine for cruising the beach will the later year fords with the radial fender arches house a bigger tire then the ealier models ?
  6. its water ... i bought a can of belt sticky (or whatever its called) at the parts store and its helps.. it dont fix the problem, but the belts regain grip quicker.
  7. or how about chewing tobacco on chrome ? chome thats out in the elements (salt/mud/water) for long periods of time will be protected by the tobacco juice. its great for the long winter months when its too cold to clean. when spring comes just clean .. works great. heh ... ive never heard of using pam either ... i tried it and it worked pretty well. i should add not to put pam on your exhaust ive not found a way to keep exhaust clean.
  8. dawn is incredible at cutting grease. they should sell this stuff at the parts store a trick i dont do now but did with my old truck (bear with me, its related to dawn)- i love wheeling .. no matter if i have a show truck (had a sweet 74 years ago) or a woods beater (what i have now). with my old show truck i has an impossible time cleaning the frame.. but once i got it finally clean, i kept it clean by applying PAM cooking spray to the underside before i'd go off wheeling ... when i came back and started to clean the truck, the pan kept the mud from sticking to the frame and dawn was great at cutting the PAM off the truck ive heard oven cleaner works very well for cleaning frames... but i did not use this to clean mine.
  9. bronco graveyard has two steering rod kits one is for F150s and the other is for F250/350 i have a F150 and i would like to buy the heavier duty kit for the f250/350 ... so my question is - will this kit ( http://broncograveyard.com/products/cat/20/232/32905 ) work in place of this ( http://broncograveyard.com/products/cat/20/165/32715 ) here is a pic of my truck
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