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  1. Hello....I need to find out where and how to tap into the speed sensor on my 93 Bronco. The new motor is in and I'm in the process of hooking up a stand alone transmission controller. My Mechanic tried to tap into the sensor on the diff. and the speedo is acting strange , when key is turned on the needle jumps around . He is afraid of ruining the speedo so I thought I would check in here for some advise before going any further ….maybe there is another place to tap into ???...……..thanks in advance
  2. thank you so much …..this is exactly what I needed...……….
  3. Hi , I'm getting towards the end of an engine swap into my 93 bronco . The mechanic that is doing the swap for me doesn't think we will be able to get the dash gauges to work . The truck used to be a 5.0 ……….its now a 408 with EFI...….the EFI unit has its own controller as well as the E4OD transmission so I don't think the old computer is in play anymore …….I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world to add aftermarket gauges but I hate to look at a mostly dead dashboard...……..is there any way to get the dash gauges to work??.....thanks in advance
  4. I have heard that the insert is more then a decoration a few times now but what I don't understand is... you can buy the gasket with out the channel for this insert so Im not absolutely convinced . I talked to the body shop I deal with and he told me hes put new inserts or molding in old gaskets that were on the truck before. So I guess I will buy the black molding from the Graveyard and have the body shop try to install them . If he can do it I will just return the gaskets I bought.If the old gaskets are to hard or get damaged trying to do this then I will just have him put on the new gaskets that do not have the trim channel and be done with it ....personally I like the all black thing anyway ....i hope to have this done next week and I will let you know how it goes.... and if I can figure it out I will post some pics ....thanks for the responses
  5. No I'm talking about the side windows of the removable top..... Sorry I guess I wasn't clear... Thanks
  6. Hi guys ...I have a 93 .......I bought the window gaskets for my top because the chrome strip inserts are all cracked and peeling ......and I really dont like chrome that much anyway......I bought the gaskets with out the channel for the trim.....then I ran into this black trim insert http://shop.broncograveyard.com/Windshield-Reveal-Molding-Black/productinfo/25182/ heres the thing my gaskets are perfectly fine they look good no cracks and do not leak........anybody ever just replace this trim without replacing the gaskets ??...I really think the black would look good.........one last question ....what if i just removed the chrome cracked trim and didnt replace it at all ???.. thanks in advance
  7. I see now the door panel has to come off........thanks again for the help
  8. thanks for the response...... .so the plastic light fixture housing( not the lens ) doesn't come out without taking the door panel out ??..there is a notch on one side that looks like you might be able to pry it out from the front but I don;t want to break it If it wasn't meant to come out that way . Just seems to me that it should come out ..........thanks again..................I hate shit that doesn't work on my truck
  9. any one ever remove the courtesy light fixture in the doors of a 93 bronco? I went to replace a bulb and pushed the light socket through the fixture......I was hoping I could remove the fixture without having to take the whole door panel off and re insert the socket......Im pretty sure Im going to hear cant be done but I thought it was worth asking .....thanks in advance
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