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  1. lucky... after about 150 my gauge reads about 1/8th a tank....
  2. another question: i measured the voltage out from the motor. has 5 volts on low and high, and about 7.5 v on m1 and m2. if the thermal limiter opened, would it cause this???
  3. MIX BRAKE FLUID AND CLOROX!!! it makes "some" smoke...
  4. looks like some mad negative camber issues. i had some positive camber(top out) on mine. adjustable ball joint shims fixed that though.
  5. thats a pretty sick bronco. i like the roof rack and lights. where did you take the pic at?
  6. ya, the motor works fine, its in the resistor, wiring or switches. but i'm still curious if the resistor is supposed to be missing the one pin....
  7. on the topic of body panel alignment, how do you go about easily aligning a driver's door??? i have to push down on the handle to close the door, and wiped out a brand new door jamb bolt. i also got in an accident that created the problem. there's a dent up top, would that have to be pounded out???
  8. i run a summit 180 temp t-stat. it keeps it cool, but it does say for off road use only. Because it wont get to the optimum temperature for killing emissions.
  9. i concur, the 4 tipped ones will only use the one path that is closest to the electrode. once that wears down, it picks the other closest one, so on and so on till the plug dies. theoretically, they last 4 times as long. 4 tips, 4 times the life. i just run single bosch platinums too.
  10. my blower motor hasnt been working for awhile, and looked at the resistor. is it supposed to be missing the pin in the upper corner??? if not, i'm pretty sure the problems in my switch, i think the wire is all corroded. maybe....
  11. I dunno, i found one from them for my truck for only 400 bucks. But i'm suspicious. all the others are at least a grand. i'd wait until someone replied saying they bought one.
  12. All right. I've decided that i want some air lockers, but i need the air source. I think i'll go with a York compressor. How can i find a useable one in a junkyard? and how can i find the bracketry to go on my 84 351W? I have the a/c spot and the smog pump spot open. Could i use these?? any help would be awesome. Thanks!!!
  13. I agree. We should add a poll to this post to figure out where else the majority of people are from. Sounds like the SE is good, but what about the other corners???
  14. Summit is good for performance along with edelbrock, local performance shops, etc. But we need something a lot more specific.
  15. Other way around. Long tube for torque with a loss in high end h.p. and short for h.p. and a loss in torque.
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