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  1. the vibration is probably a tire(s) that are out of balance. the popping could be anything from a bad shock or sway bar end link, to the front end parts going bad.
  2. well, a guy at work told me to use a dodge truck filter, which is shorter, and the problem should go away. he said it will take a shorter time for the filter to fill up and that the shorter filter will raise the pressure a little. anyone ever done this or know someone that has?
  3. 135k miles, "rebuilt" at 125K, 5.0L. oil is full. it only knocks when i start it, and only for a second or two.
  4. i changed the oil in the truck the other day(yes, i call my bronco a truck).i have no clue what oil the previous owner used, but i have been using pennzoil 10w-40. well, for the first time i went with a k&n filter. now whenever i start it, it knocks for a few seconds and then goes normal, like when you first start it after an oil change. does the k&n have a bypass valve for cold oil startups? it doesn't just do it first thing in the morning, but every time i start it. the pressure has also dropped quite a bit(still have a factory gauge...only goes up to O or R in normal, used to go up to M ). 1 dry start when you first change the oil is bad enough, but now it dry starts every time. what can i do here? would switching to 20w-50 help any?
  5. if you know what you are doing, it shouldn't take you too long. if you don't, do not get into it. let someone who does know do it. wow, that took a long time to say hardly anything.
  6. 4" lift, 32" tires http://cars.ign.com/articles/503/503852p1.html
  7. make sure it isn't in overdrive and have at it. if it appears to be sagging/sitting low in the rear, just get a leveler or add a leaf to the rear and go.
  8. have you messed with the timing. possibly even the timing chain.
  9. putting all stock pieces on a truck will not always get you to pass. it is also possible that the engine is not running correctly. the thing might run great, but there could still be plenty wrong.
  10. man, i forgot about the clutch...add that to the list above...
  11. my opinion: kyb gas shocks are a little rough(stiff). for cost effective shocks, i liked the pro-comp es-1000's or 3000's(i think). they were a little rough but were usually quite comfortable. and they're cheap too. shocks are simple to put on too.
  12. buy a car...or...347 kit, novi 2000 blower, headers, no cats, 3" true dual exhaust(open)(good luck), 4.56 gears(mileage would suck, but you'd get a better launch), 31/12.50 tires(more meat on the road), no back seat/bumpers/top/tailgate/doors(lighter is better for racing), replace comfortable seats with lightweight racing seats, detroit for the rear, ladder bars/traction bars(reduced wheel hop), and a K&N filter...or you could just enjoy the fact that if you hooked up to him bumper-to-bumper, you'd drag him all over the place(especially if you did all the mentioned mods). btw...don't race on the street...that's bad.
  13. you've got a short somewhere. worked on a trans-am that did the same thing. the main wire( + ) was touching a header and shorting.
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