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  1. yeah, I know what ya mean, I just fixed my spare tire carrier problem, the plastic bushing on the bar where the latch clamps on was busted and the carrier liked too make a clunk sound as it bounced around, a new platic fixed it, simple but it is gratifying even still.
  2. what size do you currently run? An 8 inch should fit 40's so a 3 inch body lift might be what your looking for. oh and there is always Bushwacker flares then all ya need to do is cut da fenders
  3. Those are a new and improved versions of the old Mud Kings the only difference is the old ones the two center tread blocks pointed out instead of in like this > < not like these new ones <>. The old set I had were 35's and cupped very easily, and the ride wasn't eaxactly nice. I think the change might help some of those problems tho', they look like they would roll smoother. As far as off road they were grippy on rocks but dug alot in sand, my all terrains go better than those in the dunes.
  4. If you have teo tubes coming from the throttle body all the way to the airbox then it's the speed density system and just putting on an open filter will work, if it converges into one tube at the airbox it's a mass air system. In Cali, all Bronco's '95 and later have MASS air.
  5. Hit up potter, he has a nice one and If I remember correct he did it himself for cheap.
  6. For a solid plow vehicle the Broncos are just about perfect. Midnight towing I think it is has one he uses for specifically that. As hammer down said, the auto hubs tend to not work when you need 'em and fine later, a set of manual locking hubs goes for under a 100 bucks and can be done by yourself no problem, I did the same to mine, I also have push button 4x4. As far as your 302 they are good reliable motors but a little underpowered for plow work, but you can live with it, if not get a K&N intake flowmaster muffler and a chip and your power problems will be gone. Just my 2 cents, Ohy and post pics it's a known fact that once you see one bronco you wanna see em all.
  7. Yeah, go with JSM's comment and do a 460. They are torque monsters and drop right in. With a few simple mods like a aftermarket intake and 4 barrel carb, headers and a pre emmissions timing chain set they're good for at least 380 horses.
  8. BB33's


    A good set of 6x9's in that area would sound great. The Blazers had speakers mounted back there from the factory. For speakers just get simple pioneers, they sound good and are affordable, you get get the el cheapo specials but they will blow out in no time/
  9. One of the biggest mistakes you can make i putting on too big of pipe, 2.5 inch pipe from the cat back and a Flowmaster 40 series sounds good and will make better torque than a glasspack. If you want to go a little further remove the pre-cat and replace the main cat with a high flow unit and you're pretty much set. Although states with strict smog like CA wont like the fact you hacked off a cat.
  10. Ah, The ever recurring question, The general conception is A 4 inch will work and a 6 does the job better. The biggest thing to consider when lifting a truck is what you do with it, I use mine for wheeling the local trails and camping so my leveling coils and 32's do fine. If you want to rockcrawl it or anything that requires room for your suspension to flex more clearance is necessary.
  11. Year: 1995 Color: White Aftermarket Items: 32 inch BFG's, AR wheels, Aftermarket axles Name: Das Bronco Anything Else: I love it!
  12. I just found some trails by my house, mostly three hillclimbs that are deeply rutted and washed out from rain. I am thinking about trying the harder part of the cleghorn ridge trail, If you've heard of it it's 14.4 miles and gets up to 5,300 feet in elevation, should be fun.
  13. Your Buddy's looks clean! I like the way the grill is painted. I think i'm gonna just cut a hole in the middle hole and use the roller fairlead.
  14. Let me know what you do about the fairlead on your set up wileec, I just got a Warn 8,000 pound winch that is brand new on trade for a couple old paintball guns, and I have the same bumper as you. I'm gonna try the same setup.
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