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  1. the only difference is the styling, have a look through your local wreckers to find the style and colour you want, if I remember correctly they use a split bench seat in the extended cabs? One of those would make it easier to get people in and out of the back. or just leave the cap off and tell them to jump.
  2. Krafty

    need parts

    the item with the same year range as your bronco will be what you are looking for. to get the discount you put in BZMEMBER in the coupon code area then in your order as a note include your username
  3. Krafty

    need parts

    the link for broncograveyard that miesk has provided take you right to the parts you need, also lmc truck carries everything for the bronco's as well, but with broncograveyard we get the 2% discount.
  4. Krafty

    302 swap for 351 clevalend

    Most broncos only came with 300, 302 or 351W, the 351W being the closest similarity in block and transferable parts from the 302, the 351W is the more popular out of the 3 351 blocks.
  5. Krafty

    302 swap for 351 clevalend

    seabronc you are thinking of the 351M which uses the bigblock pattern, the 351C uses small block bolt pattern so the aod will fit, Slick as for the flex plate its just a matter of matching it up to the torque converter that's being used. provided the 351C had an auto trans on it before.
  6. Krafty

    Today is the day! Crunch time

    GOOOOOOD LUUUUCCCCKKK!!!!! that reminds me of putting in a rebuilt trans ( 2nd rebuild) in my 79 tbird on a sunday afternoon because I sold my bronco on the friday and needed the t-bird to get to college 5 hours away for my exams on monday. Did I mention it was -14 that day. good times. if you have time snap some pics
  7. Krafty

    Emmsions problem and more

    also have you checked for fuel pressure, a highly restrictive fuel filter or bad fuel pressure regulator could also be the culprit.
  8. as far as looking for a lift kit what you really need to do is think about a couple of different things. 1. Why are you getting the lift. for looks? for off road capability? 2. with the first question in mind . you need to think about the different ways and how much to lift, and what your budget will allow. now there are alot of different kits out there, but one thing they all have in common is the 4" lift is always within about $100 of the 6" lift of the same brand almost across the board. Same brackets different springs or spacers. so let us know how you plan on using your bronc and we can help you as best we can. two great sites for parts are broncograveyard.com , and lmc truck. brands to look into are BDS , Skyjacker ,and Roughcountry broncograveyard has a a good selection of lift kits as well. For the fuel gauge, an intermittent circuit usually means either a bad ground or a bad connection, I would check your plug on your gas tank first then look into the gauge itself after.
  9. springs are the same for quad shock or not, the shocks are equally spaced on either side of the spring. If you can find a progressive rate spring in stock ride height you could always use a 2" leveling spacer/ block under the coils which would give you the progressive springs with the lift you want. As for the smoothness of the ride "I just figured with having to replace the springs i might as well try to get a smoother ride than i have had for the last 10 years" replacing your obviously overly stiff coils with standard lift coils would get you an almost factory feel over the posts you got in there now.
  10. you do know that progressive springs are designed for high speed OFF ROAD applications. I would have to side with BB on this one, sounds like if you already have lift coils they are simply too heavy duty for what you want. With the condition of having to replace your ball joints and shocks already that could be amplifying the harshness of the ride.
  11. Krafty

    93 ford bronco Stalls when put into reverse

    my 93 f150 used to stall in reverse, I swapped the trans filter and it never did it again.
  12. Krafty

    Bronco just wont start?

    sounds like a faulty pcm thats not telling your injectors to pulse. try to find one out of a wrecker to keep cots down, but remember the donor f150 or bronco has to have the same engine and transmission combo as yours otherwise it wont work properly.
  13. hey m5 I have a question for ya. if its a 5.0 set up with obdII would a 94-96 f150 or bronco harness and computer be the solution to his problems?
  14. Krafty

    Bronco just wont start?

    on the fuel rail on the drivers side there should be a valve that looks like a tire valve. you can buy or borrow a fuel pressure gauge that threads onto that valve, when you try to start it it will read the fuel pressure in the rail, 35+ psi = good fuel pressure.