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  1. On mine with A 4" lift I used 3 degree shims. I also have bought aluminum blocks and cut the correct degree in the with a chop saw.
  2. I am a warehouse manager for a hvac distribution company (Mingledorff's), and I also work part-time at advanced auto parts.
  3. As far as the top, only 78-79 tops will fit. The rear window on 80 & up was different.
  4. Not sure but my 79 hade all the original trim on it. It had a 351m 4spd no a/c sliding glass top the grill was all crome. My 78 is black w/400m 4spd, a/c with all black grill. Not sure if that will help but thats all I know about the trim.
  5. I have a 78 bronco w/round headlights. I want to change them to square. I have everthing new, but I need (cannot remember what it is called) the peice that the headlight bucket sits in. Will an 80's model interchange ?
  6. Sounds like a problem with the floats in the carb.
  7. I cut the angle in the blocks on one of mine. As far as the front I do not know. I believe that someone on this site hade something that mounted under the spring to correct this problem.
  8. Thanks for the info Ziggy. I hope thats what my problem is.
  9. I need to know what the timing is surpose to be for a 400m in a 78 w/4spd. I think I know what it is but the decal on the valve cover is missing and all of my books do not have it in them.
  10. Do you know how many blonde jokes there are? There is only 1 the rest are true stories.
  11. A good 4spd will solve that problem. Cheaper to own also.
  12. When you replaced the brake lines did you put the little brass washers on the lines? should be 2 on each caliper. If so I would check all the joints and make sure they are tight.
  13. My 79 only had a 3" lift and 35's fit it good. It looked better after the 2" body lift, but they will fit w/just a 3" suspension lift.
  14. Damn that looks good!!! Nice job Freak. $-)
  15. It does look good. Nice job, cannot wait till I get mine done.
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