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  1. Hi roadkill and cucamongan: Thanks for the quick reply. The inside power lock does not work for the driver's side but does work on the passenger's side. So, I think it must be the power lock motor on the driver's side. I will see if i can get a used one from some local yard. Thanks, guys. Thanks again guys. This is a great site/forum. You guys know these rigs!
  2. my remote lock only unlocks the passenger door but not the driver side door. I use the key, however, it is getting old now and wondered if I can fix it. Any ideas what/where to check? It is a 96 bronco.
  3. hi all: The windshield guy did a water test and found it to be the removeable tops side window weatherstripping. he resealed and it seemed to work. We got a lot of rain and snow in Seattle lately and it as been outside the whole time. Stayed dry. Thought I would share the results/update. Thanks for the other suggestions, i appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply, how do you repair? Do I need to go to a body shop or is the fix something that a non mechanical person can do? I just broke my leg running into a cow in Baja/Mexico going 75mph on my motorcycle, so its a bit hard to get on the truck! Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it.
  5. I have a 96 bronco and when it rains like it does in Seattle, I noticed that the floorboard in front of the back bench seat, also under the bench seat's carpet when I lift up the carpet, and floorboards under the floor mats in the front? I tried to feel around the headliner and it seemed moist in the mddle but not sure if it was really wet or just moisture evaporating? I took it to my windshield guy and he tested the windshield, but said it didn't seem to leak but he resealed it anyway just to be sure. Any ideas where and how else to check? Thank you.
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