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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size


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  1. Im trying to put in a 3 way switch to wire the back window of my 83 bronco. I dont really know what to do so can somone draw me a diagram or somthing? I have a switch, 3 screw terminal. i connected power to the middle. then the wires from the back window on either side, and connected the power to the + on my battery with an in line fuse.. that should work right? What am i doing wrong? Please help me =)
  2. What kind of paint would i need to paint my headers? High heat bbq paint?
  3. the axles i am using are from jeeps. the back axle is welded from a 86 jeep commander and the front has lockrights and is from a.. 80 somthing jeep going to need to put offset rims on to fit
  4. me and my buddies plan on building about a 6 inch custom lift
  5. Does anyone have links for a Leaf Spring Swap on a 1983 fullsize bronco? Or can anyone walk me through it step by step? pictres if able? Thanks alot. Im changing my front and rear axleand going to leafs on front.
  6. Does anyone know how wide the ford 8.8 axle on the 1983 full size bronco and front axle is? I mean the length, i want to change them and dont know the measurement.
  7. What would be the beneffits of chaning my bronco into a full rollcage buggy like the white knight?
  8. I have a fullsize bronco right now that i could do that with. Just with going to college full time now and working in evenings and weekends.. gona be hard
  9. it ended up being my wiring harness for some reason. dont know why.
  10. yeah i chcked out that spider site. Even somthig like that would be cool, i think that white knight one is a bit over my budget.. lol but it would be nice. Do you know if i can get the plans to build one of those buggys off spider myself?
  11. I actually want to buil somthing like from white knight actually. like the picture attached.
  12. Does anyone have the plans to build a buggy, (how to build it and what i need)? AN offroad buggy. I am starting a new project and am just seeing what there is out there. Thanks
  13. on my axle it has a bunch of numbers on it that i have no idea what they mean. 3251 13W and FOTW-4025-AA does that help in figuring out what gears i have?
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