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  1. I have a full spool for it, so I wont need the old diff, looks like she'll be going on eBay as a Trak-lock, they seem to fetch about $200 in used condition. Oh and since it is out of the truck already I can't do the spin the wheel trick and never thought to do it before I took it out, just figured it was an open diff, although the more I think about the times I have been stuck or trying to pull out another stuck truck, power did sort of shift back and forth between the wheels....hmmm...oh well I can't wait to burn the sh1t out of my no longer necessary 31" street tires
  2. No indication, but it does have spider gears and operated pretty much like an open diff to me, I could burn the inside tire in a corner, but in a straight line it spun both.
  3. Every stock diff I've seen has larger holes where you can take the spider gears out in order to install a mini spool, this one obviously would make that pretty tough, wondering if this is some sort of factory limited slip or something.
  4. http://www.yotatech.com/f115/dr-trevorkian...-thread-134004/
  5. I saw something like this before, I think it was on spike tv, whats the show called, extreme 4x4. Anyway there was a cooperative ownership, more like a country club actually, where there were massive mud holes and lots of nice people coming to wheel and help pull each other out, think it was in florida too.
  6. Yeah ATP has a school there too, might try to get a job flight instructing there, short hop to the bahamas
  7. YES! another 10 lbs lighter too, I can't wait to take this thing for a rip around the field, now that is has lost its top, tail gate and window, sway bars front and rear, rear bumper, probably going to be ready to go win the Baja 1000
  8. Even factory Broncosauruses are big beasts, pretty sure Ford had a committee meeting on whether to call it the Bronco or Broncosaurus when they re-released the vehicle in 78, turns out the combination of vehicle and name struck fear into the hearts of the public, so they stuck with the heritage name Bronco.
  9. How much does the front sway bar limit the articulation, my Bronco will be strictly off road so I'm thinking I should just lose both the front and the rear sway bars. The connecting hardware on my 4Runner rusted away so my front sway bar on her has been disconnected since I've owned her!
  10. Victory is mine! Got it out finally, found out if you take ALL the nuts off, as opposed to just 9 of 10, it makes it much more possible to get the carrier out.
  11. Yeah I put in the HELP switch and the screw that holds it in place seemed to strip out and now my turn signals don't work nor does one of my brake lights, I chose to park it and buy a toyota, which ironically has just committed suicide with its electrical system.
  12. I see that, what part of the famed treasure coast are you in, I move to Daytona Beach for flight school in June, can't wait, driving the Yota to phoenix for a 2 months of school first and then to FL
  13. pipe in the yoke, good idea, I have a come along just in case however. Worst part is it is twenty degrees inside the garage and the kerosene heater is waiting for parts, hands are numb before I can accomplish anything.
  14. Borrowed a slide hammer from autozone and the axle shafts were out in just a few whacks, now to pull the third member, what a beast! I can barely get it to move, those brass washers seem pretty well stuck in place, do I need to remove them before I can get the third member assembly out? I rigged up the slide hammer to the pinion yoke and still cant get it to budge.
  15. They make pretty cool V8 powered convertibles, at least you wont see another one like it parked at the grocery store
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