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  1. Ok so this is what Beast is doing now... Took Beast out for a drive day before yesterday (first time Beast has been out since November) and all seemed ok. Battery was a little week from sitting but no big deal. Yesterday I tried to start Beast so I could move it out of the way and the battery was dead. I thought I heard the fuel pumps run a couple of times but just didn't pay much attention to it (Key out of ignition). So at this point I'm starting to pay attention to the noise it made. Shouldn't those pumps stay off till the key is on? I understand them keeping pressure up in the system but I didn't think they would do it with the key off and in my pocket. Also I have had to replace those 2 relays under the hood several times over the last few years. Something is def going on here that I haven't been able to track down. As I'm sitting here typing, I'm starting to think something could be going on with my wiring. I have a primary wire coming from the battery to a post inside the truck, from there it is split, 1 goes to some of my electronics and the other goes to a relay that is active at the ignition (i.e. is live with the key on). Maybe it is as simple as that relay is bad or going bad and back feeding power to the "key ON" circuit I'll check that today... Any other ideas besides that, that come to mind?
  2. When it is running, at idle, does it sound "wet"? I know it sounds strange but it is the only way I can describe it. Do you see black smoke coming out of the exhaust? If yes to both I would say it's time to replace the Fuel Pressure Regulator. I've had stalling issues along with a few other problems with my Beast over the last few years. She would run fine then all of the sudden just die, from a dead stop and going wide open she backfired through the throttle body and took out the timing chain, dizzy and a few other components. Long story short, what I was thinking was a relay issue ended up being a bar "FPR" and a dirty "IAC". Mind you I am still having problems with the relays but thats another story for another thread... Good luck
  3. Shadow_D


    Cetmed hit it on the head but you can also try ebay or Keystone auto (If you have one in your are)
  4. I bought a keyless system for my Beast a while ago but have since disconnected it... It seems to give constant power to the lock actuators and burns them out. The system was bought on eBay. Maybe something simple to correct, maybe wired wrong I don't know I just haven't had the ambition to figure it out. Good luck
  5. I would say the switch is most likely your problem...
  6. Well your thought about the ign switch is almost right on... It sounds like the switch on the steering column under the dash is bad. Sounds like that switch was starting to go when you could "wiggle" the key and progressively got worse as time went on to the point you are at now. I'd say replace that switch and hook up the relay again and it should be fine. I know someone here has an electrical manual and will post up the circuit information for you when they read this... Good luck and to the Zone! Darrin
  7. Please post your questions in the correct section... *Topic Moved*
  8. I have one (dashboard that is) that I am willing to sell plus I'm not too far north of you... I don't have any pics of it right now but give me a couple of days and I can get some... Last time I saw it I think it was in good condition... it was out of an Eddie Bauer edition 87 - 91. Color is tan and I'd be looking to get $175 OR BEST OFFER... Let me know...
  9. DO THE SELF TEST! This sounds an awful lot like what mine did till I replaced the Fuel Pressure Regulator...
  10. Are you doing this for the look of square headlights or are you doing it so you can use the 9004 style bulbs? I used to see the round headlights on ebay that accepted the 9004 type bulbs but I just did a quick check and didn't see them right now...
  11. How old is the FPR? It sounds almost like the problem I had with mine that ended up being the Fuel Pressure Regulator...
  12. Rix dye is good for clothing but I'm not sure how well it would work on carpeting...
  13. Do the years matter or could I get one for a 96 F-350?
  14. You know I hate to say this but I was just reading a post over on FSB talking about that very upgrade
  15. Yea I had both front calipers off and 90% of the fluid drained out. A friend of mine has a power bleeder that I am going to borrow this week to try after I replace the line and hose...
  16. Ok guys and gals I am having a problem with my brakes. With the engine off I can bleed the brakes no problem however, the first time I step on the pedal after I start the engine, my foot goes right to the floor... Where should I start my search for the problem? My first thought is I have a problem with the master cylinder or the brake booster. I also know the line from the driver's side to the passenger side is getting quite rusty and should prob be replaced along with the passenger side hose (I have the new extended one on the driver side and wasn't able to get to the passenger side after the lift install due to time constraints). Giving this some more thought, that should be where I start tomorrow. I have always had "soft" brakes with Beast and just got used to it but I think I would rather have solid feeling brakes. What are your thoughts??? Darrin
  17. Unfortunately it did not this is part of my lift kit I had been working on...
  18. There's nothing wrong with a Jeep, they are very capable little vehicles but they do have their limits... The Bronco is also a very capable vehicle when done right. The bias in me says sell the Jeep and build the Bronco. The only big downfall with the Bronco (IMO) is the MPG as a daily driver. I'm lucky I get 7 MPG with mine. I suggest you continue to do your homework before you make a decision.
  19. Just remember this... The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked.....
  20. I remember, a few years back, seeing a front bumper that someone custom built for their truck however after searching the forum I can't find it... If you have built a custom front bumper please post pictures of your work... Thanks Darrin
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