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  1. If you do go with the bushing replacement here is the link to a set on eBay. I have bought these kits from this seller and have had no problems. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...&category=33706 Hope this helps. Also he sells these all the time so if these are gone when you look at it check his other auctions chances are he will have a few more sets available.
  2. This might sound real stupid but check your hubs. To me it sounds like the left hub is locked and the right is free. Like I said it may sound real stupid but if you or your neighbor's have kids that like to get into things anything is possible.
  3. Welcome to the "Zone"! Ktomek06 is right it does fold down then forward and you could sleep in the back, if you are short enough. I tried sleeping in the back with mine when I went camping but my feet hung off the tail gate. It is a good thing that wildlife doesn't bother me LOL You could try to pull the back seat out all together then making a box of sorts to fill in the area that is left open behind the driver seat. Just a thought.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to have her painted this summer, I can't wait to see what it looks like "jet black" with a full flame job
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    My Intro

    Hi all, I'm Darrin (Shadow D). I've had my bronco for about 4 years now and have started a working restore, i.e. I still use it as my daily driver but work on her when I get the chance. Needless to say it's taking a long time to finish. I call her "The Beast". She started out her life as a traffic safety enforcement unit with the Colonie Police Dept. in 90. After several years she became an under-cover narcotics / surveillance unit. I bought her at auction in October 2000. The picture below was taken in the early spring of 2001. I have done a lot sense then but it still needs a lot of work. I have... (under the hood) Replaced the motor with a Ford Rebuilt / installed 351W Had the Trany rebuilt and have had all the axel seals replaced and gears inspected by the dealership. (Body) installed a grill guard replaced the passenger side door started the body work installed a Lund Moon Visor installed a Lund Wind-Jammer installed a Lund bug guard The Plan... Replace the fenders Replace the inner fender wells both front and rear Replace the Drivers side quarter panel Replace the Drivers side rocker panel Replace the Drivers side door Replace the Passenger side wheel arch Replace the tailgate Complete restore of the interior Like I said their is a lot to do. I will post pics as the progress continues.
  6. Well I guess I will throw my project in for the fun of it. I know it looks bad now but when I finish it, it will look hot.
  7. I like the new Bronco. It does need a little cleaning up and it really should use the older drive-line but it needs to have the removable hardtop and 25+ MPG! All the auto manufacturers have the ability to build a fuel efficient vehicle capable of 30+ MPG but they won't not can't. Tell Ford what you think. Bronco Driver Magazine has the scoop on it. http://www.broncodriver.com/index.html
  8. If you are good with "bondo" maybe you would be willing to try lead. All you need to do is melt it down & keep it heated with a propane torch so that it works like wet bondo. There is more to it than that (cleaning out the old filler putty, sanding etc.) but with some practice on scrap metal you should have no trouble doing it.
  9. I love going "Topless" with mine. Only problem I had last year was it rained too much. I never thought of using a tarp for temporary use, I like that idea. With that said I will be going topless more often
  10. Something I found with mine was I forgot and left the manual locking hubs in the lock position. That caused a strange vibration at higher speeds. Of course I had a few other problems with the front axel as well like the right side seal blowing out so the fluid was a bit low. Check to see if the seals are all dry, if not then you could have a problem there. Just stuff I learned with my "Beast"
  11. What are you going to do with the rest od the 90?
  12. Have you ever had a 2 stage fuel injection cleaning done? What it does is first a cleaner is put in the fuel tank then the second stage is another cleaner feed through the vacuum line cleaning everything in the top end. I don't like to do this but "Jiffy Lube " can do this for you for around $70. If you go there tell them you only want the fuel injection cleaning NOTHING ELSE! I used to work for them and quit because they scammed there customers.
  13. You might also want to check the nylon bushings inside the motor. Replacing the motor is expencive but I found a repair kit on eBay that fixed this problem perfectly. It cost me under $10 for 2 kits and I fixed mine in about 1.5 hours from start to finish. A lot cheaper than up to $100 for a new motor.
  14. I had / have the same problem with my 90. The way I fixed it was to run a wire from the battery to the harness behind the taillight. I'm not sure if Ford kept the same wire colors but on the 86 - 91 broncos you want the black wire with the white stripe. If the wires are ok between the tailgate and quarter panel this might be your problem. I am also having the trouble with the wires between the gate and quarter. I wish I could find a replacement harness for this as well as the rest of the truck.
  15. TreR1969: 12 to 15 MPG is great for a Bronco. I have a 90 with a new factory rebuilt 351W in mine and all I can get is around 9 MPG Although I was able to pull out 9.9 MPG at my last fill up. Gator I feel your pain, I just spent $59.00 last time I filled my pig up.
  16. Well we are in the middle of a "NorEaster" here in Clifton Park and getting 6" to 12" I might just be crazy enough to take the roof off of mine LOL
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