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  1. Sounds like the onset of a FPR problem... Mine started doing stuff like this and just got worse... FPR fixed it for me.
  2. I would say replace that Fuel Pressure Regulator... Does it sound like it's firing "wet"?
  3. You know I'm not sure, I think it's the same as forward...
  4. A leak is a leak plain and simple... Yes you should have that fixed. Oil problem is something else that should be addressed... It looks like you have a head gasket leaking and that is putting coolant in the oil. Have you checked the coolant lately? Is their a dark film on top of the coolant at all?
  5. yea I checked that first thing and it was fine
  6. The trans was rebuilt about 5 years ago, maybe less... Only has about 15K on the rebuild IF that...
  7. I was moving my trailer around the yard yesterday and a few times Beast didn't have any torque... Is there anything in the transfer case that could be slipping or should I start looking at the torque converter?
  8. Thanks Yea I guess I need to get some current pics of the Beast and post them I never did finish the console as I have been working on making it run correctly rather than making it look good. Now that it's running right I plan to start working on the looks next summer. That waring thing I did needs some more work but it is IMO a great idea as I can isolate the "acc" wiring from the factory wiring and if I have a problem I can kill that whole setup if I need to.
  9. I have the Rough Country 6" on my truck and I'm happy with it. I don't drive the Beast as often as I used to but that is due to the fuel prices. I installed it with my buddy from LA last winter and let me tell you, if you plan to do the install yourself you will need a friend for assistance. The Rough Country is the least expensive kit out there BUT it seems to do very well. I personally would wonder why that shop is telling you it isn't worth it. I'm thinking (and this is just my opinion) they want to get more money from you. If money is tight, go with the RC you won't be disappointed.
  10. I used to subscribe to the magazine but I've let my subscription run out. When I read it, it was a great.
  11. I do have to agree with you Joe, it does seem to have dropped off over the last couple of years. I've even tried to start a whore thread just to get more members to participate but it was dead before it even got started. I've reopened this thread due to the lack of replies. maybe no one is commenting on the page layout because there aren't many active members. Why is that? Is it like you said, "when gas hit $3-$4 a gallon, did so many Broncos hit the graveyard that there are fewer people driving them?" or is it they didn't like the layout and never said anything??? OR is it something else? I tend to refer to another forum I belong to as reference and I'll do it again, I've been a member of the Grand Am Owners Club (www.gaownersclub.com) for a couple of years and that is still a thriving forum even though the "GA" hasn't been made since 2005. People have sold their "GAs" but still remained active on that forum due to the friendships that have been made over the years. They also offer any advice they can to new owners / members on a verity of topics. It's too bad the Bronco Zone hasn't taken off like that. I'd like to see this forum take off and become a thriving community again, (that was another reason I started this thread, I want to see what we can do to bring this forum back to life.)
  12. I'd say it has something to do with the pump. I'd replace the pump first then try it again. To make life a little easier for you, put the motor on a test stand and check it before you put it back in the truck. Next thing I would do is use a digital caliper to check the journal sizes on the crank. After that, if the problem still exists I'd replace the beerings...
  13. The seats will bolt up no problem. I put a set of 96 seats in my 90 and all went easily. The new seats did not come with bases but my old bases bolted to the new seats without a problem...
  14. I'm sorry Mike but I am one of those who do not think body lifts are the safest things out there... The reason I don't like them is simple. They use longer bolts to mount the body to the frame and in my opinion, a longer bolt = bigger risk of snapping causing the body to detach from the frame. Now I'm NOT going to tell you it will happen but it is a bigger risk and it has happened in the past. I don't know what the reason was that caused it but it could have been any number of reasons ranging from poor quality / cheaper bolts to over torqued bolts to age or anything in between.
  15. Thats something I'd like to see as well. Does anyone use the "User Control Panel"? I use the "UCP" on all forums I go to but I've noticed this one is so much different compared to the other sites. Does anyone think it could use a little revamp or is it ok the way it is? Is there anything else people would like to see changed? Maybe it's just me but I've missed threads I've posted to because I don't always see when someone has posted because I missed the email... Has anyone else had this problem?
  16. I've got one that I'd be willing to sell ya. Where are you located?
  17. Something else to check is the lift kit it's self... might be a problem with the bolts not being torqued correctly. You have to check them after a few hundred miles and recheck them with every oil change.
  18. I will admit whole heartidly... I balled my eyes out when I read that.
  19. Ok just to give you a little info on my setup... I have the Rough Country 6" kit. It came with shocks, front springs, drop pitman arm, the 2 drop brackets for the front axle, rear blocks and ad-a-lift springs for the rear. I also bought the extended brake lines as well. I would suggest if you are going to get a lift, get the 6" rather than the 4 because you will wish you went bigger when you get stuck in the woods. The cost of the 6 isn't much more than the 4, only a few bucks IIRC. I paid $650 total with shipping, extended lines and quad shocks. Just my
  20. That is a good idea Joe... Thanks
  21. 575 views and only one of you has any thoughts :???: Come on everyone... Lets hear the good, the bad and the ugly about this site... I'm asking this question because I want to see if it is worth it to talk to Dana about an upgrade to the site (maybe different software).
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