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  1. If there is no interest in any of this stuff I may end up selling it for scrap at the recycler...
  2. Is there any interest in some aftermarket parts for the Full Size 87 to 91 Bronco? Tailgate with surface rust (last I checked, parts are in the back of my garage) R & L fenders some damage but I don't remember how bad Hood rear spring perch Driver side door new in box (Jambs were painted) I might have some other stuff as well but I have to look. My "Beast" is going to the junk yard in the next few weeks. If you are interested let me know... It's a 1990 FS with 351W police package. Also has a 6" suspension lift installed. Reply with any interest and make offers. Thanks Darrin
  3. It's not a Bronco if the rear roof is not removable.
  4. This topic has been discussed at nausea on this forum. Please use the search function of this forum to find the answers you are seeking.
  5. No they will not... 1987 - 1991 Broncos use the 9004 Bulbs 1992 - 1996 Broncos use the 9007 Bulbs
  6. Welcome to the zone! My first thought when reading this is the safety switch is not closing. Push on the left side near the latch as you use the key to open / close the window. If it works you will need to adjust that switch or bypass it all together. Good Luck
  7. Chevy parts on a Ford ... ok I guess... I have seen stranger things. If I were you I'd just stick with the solid axle from the 97.
  8. Most Police Package Broncos use the 351W for the power plant. I'm not saying your motor isn't original to the truck but I would def check to see if the numbers match. I'm not sure they will. I think what might have happened was the original motor needed to be replaced and a 302 was used instead of the 351W. Like budster 95 said, get the numbers. The VIN # with a simple Google search will be able to tell you a lot about the truck.
  9. What is the status of this problem? Have you been able to fix the truck?
  10. Just in case anyone was hesitant about this... I ordered this the day miesk5 posted this and the tool arrived today and yes it was totally free... Looks to be simple and it does come with instructions.
  11. Fuel pressure regulator should be on the driver side fuel rail toward the back of the motor.
  12. Ok mine did this for a while till it backfired through the throttle body and took out the dist, timing chain and a few other things. Turned out to be the Fuel Pressure Regulator. They are cheap at the LPS. Change that and then report back.
  13. I don't see if you changed the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Are you seeing black smoke coming out of the exhaust? Does it sound like it's firing "Wet" at idle? What exactly is the truck doing when it "breaks down"?
  14. I did this with my Beast and my tank was also full. I used a tube and siphoned the fuel into a bunch of 5 gallon cans. After that I used hand tools to drop the tank. I suggest using something like PB Blaster or something like that, I know some people say to use other stuff but I can't remember what it is off hand. I suggest using hand tools because there is less of a chance of breaking anything. It took me a weekend to do this but I did it in the summer and in my driveway with no ramps or lifts...
  15. If the price was a little less I might be interested in it but the big questions in my mind are... 1) How much Bondo is on it? and 2) Being in FL, has it been flooded? It is a very nice looking Bronco....
  16. There is nothing wrong with using Seafoam, it does help and after use, your engine will run smoother. There have been some reports of issues that *MAY* occur with it's use... Rather than trying to explain these issues, The link below talks about most all of them. http://www.expeditionforum.com/showthread.php?t=7500&highlight=Seafoam I still plan to use Seafoam in my Expedition.
  17. Yes it's Teal... To me, that seems to be a little high on the price but thats just me...
  18. In general you would be wise to go with a 6" lift rather than a 4" lift. Most people who have opted for the 4" later regret it and wish they spent the FEW extra dollars and gone with the 6". Good Luck... D
  19. Yes, Please include all details about your truck. Best option is to add your vehicle details to your signature line, that way you don't have to remember to ad them every time you post a question.
  20. There should be a plug, similar to the OBD II plug under the dash.
  21. I was going to say... I thought you were s little older than 17 LOL
  22. That's close to what mine is getting. I have heard some people say they're getting around 12 MPG...
  23. Thats odd... ok... Even if I tried to fix everything for that?
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