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    4 wheelin'. fixing my Bronco after 4 wheelin. Reading about other Broncos on superford.org
  1. Should be able to find a lowering kit for a ford ranger. That should work for you
  2. The looseness you are referring to might be a worn out steering box. I have had 2 Broncos, an 89 and a 90. I have an 84 f150 reg cab and and a 94 f350 crew cab currently and had an 84 f150 supercab, 89 f250 supercab, 95 f150 reg cab. Thats 7 F-series trucks in the past few years and they ALL had loose steering, and this was caused by the same worn out steering box. I have had this happen to every truck I have owned so I am convinced that it is a crappy design flaw.
  3. The ratcheting noise is normal, in fact most powertrain shops will try to convince you to buy something else. I tried getting a price on a set front and rear for my Bronco and the guy kept telling me he will sell me Auburns because I will not like Detroits, we argued a bit and he said everyone that he has sold them to has come back saying what you said. They are the extreme in offroad lockers. You bought the best but if its driven on the street more often then not you wont see the benefit.
  4. I agree 100 percent, I was sent this chain letter years ago and I signed it then and passed it on. Very good point.
  5. Wow your pretty well spoken for a 10 year old.
  6. 6 inch body lift? Holy crap... Good to hear you got her back together. Looking forward to pics.
  7. Its a pretty basic install. The hardest part will be removing the old exhaust manifolds. Take your time, if you break a bolt off in the head your in deep caca. Clean the gasket surface very good and thats that. If you read the directions they will usually give you a tip or two that will save you headaches. Like whether they should go in from the bottom or top. Whether you need to remove driveshaft or not or if the dipstick has to be removed.
  8. The truck I stripped to do the 1 ton/460 swap that I recently did is now a trailer. I lucked out and got a diff from another truck so I still have the one that came in my truck. The trailer has the same 10.25 rear diff with the same gear ratio as my Bronco, I figure this is a good way to carry spare axles, tires and what ever other misc parts I may need on the trail
  9. What I did for the rear of mine, I cut the portion off that the three bolts holes are in to mount it to the frame, I then flipped those pieces over and welded them up. Lifted the bumper to the correct height for a 3 inch body lift.
  10. with that said I dont remember ever seeing a listing for a gear drive for a 351m.
  11. They are neither good or bad idea. I love the sound of the noisy ones and plan on installing one in my 460. Truely the only benefit is the noise, unless you get the quiet one. It wont give you anything a good double roller wont give you except less money for other upgrades
  12. Very nice work by the way. Looks professionally built
  13. i dont see an issue, other than the licence plate. But thats an easy fix. mount the plate lower. If welding tabs on the bottom of the pipe is out of the question then just run some self tapping screws and put the plate where ever it fits. You could even mount it to the spare tire carrier
  14. Haha, the j**p thing is the best. There is an early 70's Bronco here in town, done up pretty nice. Has a sticker across the windshield, "its not a f**ken J**p!!" I call mine a Truck, but I can learn to live with MPV, mine is most definately used as an MPV
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