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  1. well i havent been on here in a long time but the last i was i was in middle installing a accel thruster dfi standalone computer system in my 95 with 32lb injectors on a 331 stroker i am very happy that i got it running and very well i might add it drives like a new truck and has decent power for a bronco with stock drivetrain on 36" tires .. so anyway here are the #s IT RAN 320 LBS OF TORQUE TO THE WHEELS AND 230 HP TO THE WHEELS AND 290 HP AT THE CRANK. this was with the stock heads ported and with upgraded springs and rockers im an idiot i knew i should have changed them when i did the motor, the tuner told me that if i get edelbrock heads and a t60 turbo with a little bit of boost it would pull atleast 450hp to rear wheels, hahahaaha that guy must me crazy but it got me thinking lol i of course was hoping for more for the money i spent and all work i did but it was a learnign experience and taught me a lot about fuel injection, so now i have a succesfully tuned and daily drive 331 stroker bronco so im still very happy what do u guys think about those numbers???
  2. just go to ford and get a new shackle mine was so bad wen i broke it the shackle and leaf spring were against my body/floor
  3. Probably keeping them but if i take them off ill probably get more flex but im also putting on the steering stabalizers since my tires and riums should be comming tomorrow
  4. 95 Ford Bronco XLT, 5.0L 302, 5-speed,Pro Comp extreme alloy 7005 black 17" rims,36x13.50 Iroks, 6" Skyjacker class 2 lift with extended arms new leafs, extended steel braided brake lines dual Skyjacker steering stablilizer,quad hydro shocks fast back soft top,Edelbrock performer intake manifold,bbk 61mm throttle body,ford racing valve covers, custom flowmaster force 2 cat back swept side exhaust system and 50 series muffler,jegs shorty hedders,jegs offroad y-pipe, K&N fipk intake,msd cap & rotor, MSD 8.5mm super conducter wires w/fireproof boot covers,Champion double platinum spark plugs,msd tfi blaster coil, American racing rims, 2 kc daylighters on bumper,4 kc daylighters on roof mounted carr light bar, warn premium manual locking hubs, chrome rear differential cover with factory trac lock,Jensen 7" flip out tv/radio with a ps2 and ipod connection hooked up, 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch p1 12" subs with Kenwood amp,hi-lift jack, and some other cool junk http://www.supermotors.net/vehicles/registry/18792
  5. http://www.supermotors.net/vehicles/registry/18792
  6. i ordered it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it came out to 2560$ i got all the best s**t and w/e skyjacker recammended along with a hi lift jack , now i gota save for my tires,lol
  7. i am so excited i finally have enough for my lift so i am gunna order it this week im geting the 6" skyjacker class 2 lift with duel steering stablilizers, extended radious arms, extended brake lines , rear leafs, and duel shocks,
  8. this one is from last week it was like 20 degrees out and we went to the local sand pits for a couple of hours and all the mudd and dirt was frozen solid onto my truck and it was literaly everywhere but u cant really tell from that picture,and so we had to scrape the ice off the lights with a knife just to get home later that night,it was fun though,lol
  9. o and after the exhaust i had lots of power it definatly didnt make me lose any
  10. i advanced my timing to 12 and i had a lot more power but my passenger side hedder gasket is crap so i have a bad leak could that add 2 it?
  11. i have a passenger side out of my 95 in light grey with all the options and whatever it just doesnt have the armrest. are you interested
  12. i have 31" tires i am going to check my timing tomarrow and i have a manuel tranny so i didnt bother with a chp i was just going to get a adjustable fuel pressure regulator and advance my timing since thats all a chip does besides for changing shift points which wouldnt help me
  13. i have a 95 with the 5.0 and a 5 speed with no lift, shorty hedders,free flowing exhaust,k&n intake,edelbrock performer upper and lower intake, bbk 61mm throttle body,recent tune up with platinums, msd wires, cap and rotot and msd coil, i have basically no power on the highway or for passing it also has like no power from like 3000 rpms and lower but after that it books, what can i do to improve my highway and low end power?
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