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  1. I think we all have stories like that.... You live, you learn and then go pay a little more money at a REAL Trustworthy and more expensive store to get the right part. P.S. When Buying bearings, take the bearing and go to a Bearing and Seal store and they will get you the right part (usually American made) for cheaper than the parts store.
  2. $52?!?!?! What Boneyard did you go to? I got mine from a '96 Ford Taurus for the 130amp 3G alt. swap. It cost $31 for the Alt, Harness and a 4 Ga. cable, WITH WARRANTY. From Picked-A-Part off Milliken. (For install, see links provided above)
  3. Hey Bronco guys, I was crusin' craigslist and saw this 4.5" early Bronco lift for sale,and wanted to share. http://inlandempire.craigslist.org/pts/309787136.html sorry, i need to learn how to make a link...
  4. Is that why coolant is running through the Throttle Body? To heat it up when cold? Does it actually help or do anything? Does it help in cold weather?
  5. Hey Seabronc, Do you have to get a subscription to finish reading the article? it doesn't seem like a problem, but if there is an easy way 'round it....
  6. Don't you have to open the diff and take off the C-clip on the axle ends to be able to remove the axles?
  7. LOL thats funny. I give that guy a big hand, not for the penny pinching, but for the incredible motivation to go out and make a friggin' huge machine to get something else little project done. Geez, I feel like a total slacker compared to him. He took an extra 2 weeks to get something done. Now thats motivation!
  8. Its not a whole lot to complain about... Ever Work on a Mercedes Benz trans? On top of the almost $10 per Liter Trans Fluid, its even a SMALLER trans tube. And another example of Precision German Enga-Neering, they didn't even put in a dipstick to check the trans fluid. Instead the put a sticker there that says "If you need to service your transmission, it only can be done at the dealership blah blah blah..."
  9. Yup, what he said. Sometimes (on heavy trucks, 1 tons +) they have the air pressure posted on the door jamb, for when they are loaded.
  10. Hi Temperature Header Paint. some great brands are Eastwood and POR 15 Some are spray cans or paint on, some are Bake ON and some are not. Google it and you'll find lots of information. Also check out JEG's or Summit for the paint
  11. it sounds like you pretty much know what your problem is...
  12. Does the inside power locks switch work on the driver side door lock? If it does, then it is probably a wire that got disconnected or broke. If the power lock does NOT work with the inside door switch AND keyless entry, then most likely you have a bad power lock motor. I got one from a pick-a-part boneyard for about $8.... Hope this helps The key to removing the motor is to push DOWN really hard.
  13. Heres some food for thought... Why did the head gasket go out? Was it Abused? Overheated?
  14. Welcome to the Zone I would be cautious about that bronco. IF the engine was REALLY rebuild about 20K ago, it should not have sprung so many leaks. IF IT WAS REBUILT and IS springing leaks, then it usually leads to the vehicle being Abused. If you want fuel economy, a Bronco never makes the top 10 list.... The U-joints are pretty easy, the engine gaskets are more difficult, but doable. Hope this helps
  15. Link to headlight wiring upgrade? Anybody? SeaBronc? ...?
  16. Sorry to sound dumb, but I searched and couldn't find anything on a Headlight Wiring Upgrade. What am I missing to find this thread? Is it even a thread?
  17. did the old bridgestones start to wear funny by cupping or feathering? That usually points to alignment, but you had front alignment done twice. Does no one do 4 wheel alignment there? Im sorry, im just guessing, but if your REAR tires are wearing funny, then you might need a 4 wheel alignment. p.s. I USED to work for sears auto, we balanced 35" all the time, and up to 22" rims Did sears re-calibrate their balancing machines recently? After 100 miles or so, did the tires NEED to be rebalanced? has all the suspension components been inspected? P.S. what year bronco?
  18. Dude, I got 2 words for ya: "Dude, Chill" and "Loosen Up" I agree with Swampthing & Firelt90bronco
  19. You know what we do with trouble makers like you.......?
  20. Good Question, I heard of one before but had to verify what it was... I'm guessing your thinking about getting a set of Yukon Gears. Look good, let us know how you like 'em Here is what i found, Randys Ring and Pinion (www.ring-pinion.com) started to help, but the link was deleted. Check this link to Bronco Graveyard: http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-32308_...d_cross_pin.htm If your getting new gears, why dont you just get a whole set from Bronco Graveyard?
  21. Pictures of Spacer. No rubbing from the 33's now!
  22. another possibility is a tire starting to separate, will blow out it not replaced asap. Tire dealers will inspect for free and will tell you whats up, especially while balancing. ...something taught twice in lessons of life....
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