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  1. Personally, I like the look of the new F-150...it is far better than the girlie-fied style of the previous (now Heritage) model. I also have to respect Ford for making such a huge financial investment in their factories to allow for the tremendous variety in styles/options that are now available for the F-150. I poke fun at the previous style F-150, but I have several friends who own one or more, and by and large, they have been very, very solid workhorses. Even with better than 100,000 miles on one friends', he has had to change the oil and the tires on it, and that is about it - and he is not one to baby a vehicle. If I am inclined to purchase a pickup truck when I get home I would undoubtably buy a '97 to '03 F-150. Particularly with the hew body style now being available, prices on the previous style will inevitably go down a bit, yet you are still gonna get a tuff truck that will have years of service still left in it. You may not get all the wizz-bang new-fangeled features that the new truck has, but hey, I don't need 'em...that's why I already drive a Bronco. All in all I like the new F-150...I just refuse to cough up the $30+ thousand dollars to get a style that I would like...especially when Ford's operating profit is around 8,000 of those dollars. Personally, I'll save the cash and drive last year's technology.
  2. A few other comments on MPG. First of all, everyone else is right...the words "fuel economy" are not in the Bronco dictionary. However, to maximize your truck's MPG do as the other posts mentioned - full tune up. In addition, check to make sure your tires are in good shape and are properly inflated. Finally, make sure you go easy on the throttle when accellerating from a stop light: lightening up on the pedal may take you two or three extra seconds to clear an intersection, but if you are not in a hurry at the time then why not? Plus, it can easily give you an extra one or two MPG, especially if you live in an area with a lot of stop signs/lights. For reference, I have a low-milage, pretty much stock '95 w/ a 351 and I keep her happy with regular maintnance, and the best I have gotten on a long, flat stretch of Interstate in Louisiana was a hair over 15 mpg. And I think I had a tailwind most of the way! The fact is, in normal everyday driving I get about 12 to 13 MPG. I am going to add a high-flow intake and exhaust when I got home and that may help a bit, but I am not expecting miracles. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to buy a Bronco (just about everyone in my family has owned one at some point).
  3. Hey everyone; I know this is probably a horribly worn out topic, but...of all the exhaust manufacturers out there for a last-generation big Bronco ('95), what make will give you a boost in MPG and give you the best exhaust sound as well? I'm not talking about rediculously loud...just a nice beefy rumble. Any increase in power is, of course, welcome, but not a top priority...the 351 has plenty of go-power for what I do. Has anyone tried the Airaid throttle-body spacer? I have read it adds 7hp or so...for the money it seems like a good deal. Also, what high performance air intake systems are available for my model Bronco? I have added a standard K&N filter already, but honestly I haven't noticed any performance increase in either power or MPG. I'm thinking that a full replacement of the air intake with a free-flow system might make more of a difference. Right now while I am out here stuck in the desert, serving in the "war on terror" (isn't it more like the war for cheap oil?) I kill some of my spare time contemplating what I am going to do to my truck when I get home next year (though hopefully sooner). So any input you have to help spur my imagination is greatly appriciated. I soooo miss my Bronco....
  4. Thanks guys... Hey Gunner, actually, I was an active duty infantryman for three years back in my younger days and earned my CIB with the 7th ID Light in '89, then became a medic once I joined the reserves and finally wound up being a computer network geek (which is what I do on the civilian side). But I know what you mean about crackin' on the reservists, I still find myself doing it even though I am one. Well, the only wheelin' I'm gonna be doing is in a Hummer across the desert...not so interesting. On the other hand, my wife has had a ball driving my Bronco in the snow, I normally always do the foul-weather driving, but right now I don't have a choice! Later guys...
  5. Yup, I'm new here, even though I've had my Bronco for about 2 years now. I grew up around Broncos...several members of my family had them when I was growing up, so needless to say, I grew fond of them early on. I terminated a 3 year lease on a loaded 2001 Exploder after only 14 months when I finally decided it was time to get the truck I had always wanted. My Bronco may not be as new or have all the fancy features as the Exploder, but it is a far better, more capable vehicle. So I was patient and looked on the Internet for a few months before I found a keeper...a one owner '95 Eddie Bauer with only 62,000 miles. Sweet! Well, here is my situation...I am currently stationed in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait as part of OIF 2...doing my part to ensure cheap gasoline for everyone. Anyway, I am part of the Army Reserve component that was called out for up to 18 months...wtf!?! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys hi and ask you to do a little 4-wheelin' for me this year. I totally miss the feeling of taking my Bronco out and hitting the back woods after work with a few beers and some good tunes...just doin' a little wheelin', having some fun. My wife pokes fun at me saying I miss my truck more than I miss her... The only mods to my truck so far are a K&N filter and 31x10.5 BFG All-Terrain T/As. When I get home I plan on upgrading the exhaust and adding one of the Airaid throttle-body spacers. I would also like to add a modest lift eventually, probably only 4 in. or so. Aside from that, the Bronco is a rightous rig pretty much outta the box. My 7 year old daughter loves the truck and always asks me to take her for a ride in it. Anyway, ya'll take it easy...I'll post more, probably in the form of questions, shortly. Peace, out... SSG Roberts
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