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  1. I have a 1990 Full size Bronco with a C6 transmission. I need to rebuild the transmission what is the best rebuild kit to buy. I just drive my Bronco around town I don't do anything crazy off road. A local shop told me they'd charge 450-950 I'd rather do it myself
  2. I changed the spark plugs on my 2004 ford expedition (123000 miles) which was a lot easier than i thought. I noticed the tube connecting to the PVC valve was disconnected I replaced the hose with a different hose but the new hose was straight and bend was tight. After the second day of driving the check engine light came on I had the codes read and i got P0171 and P0174 I cleared the codes and replaced the hose with a longer one that curved easier. now I have codes p2195 and p2197 and my car idles at about 500 rpms and sounds like the engine is going to die. Any suggestions on where I should start. 2004 Expedition XLT
  3. Recently I've been having an issue with my lights. I have to play with the headlight switch and find the sweet spot to get both the head and parking lights on at the same time. the parking lights will ome on when i set the switch to that setting.The lights on the dash board are out also they were working last week. I bought a new switch thinking that would help but the parking lights dont come on at all whe i try to turn the parking lights on or when I pull the switch to have both sets of lights on. I put the old switch back in and i can get the parking lights come on but i have to play with the switch to have all of the lights on. My interior lights haven't come on since ive had my bronco and Ive new light bulbs
  4. I ran the self diagnostic test and these are the codes I got 67 67 1 63 34 29 63 34 29.
  5. My reverse lights don't come on I'm going to check for codes this weekend and I'll let you know what I get. I took it to autozone and they could get their code reader to work. I used to have a website for a self diagnostic test. Do you know of one?
  6. I drove this morning and the CEL light comes on for a second then shuts off I'll check today to see what codes I get. I did some research and found out that my Bronco originally had an AOD tranny in it I currently have a C6 should I be having these issues because of the swap?
  7. NO fluid from the line when I changed the Modulator and I didnt think to check for codes since the CEL never came on
  8. When I start my bronco the idle starts and stays at nearly 2000 rpms when I put it in gear the rpms will drop below 500 and the engine will shut off or it will drop down and then go right back up to 8 or 900 rpms. When I'm driving I never start in 1st gear always 2nd when i get up to 15-20 mph it shifts from 2nd to 3rd it will no go over 2000 rpms when it shifts from 2nd to 3rd. I can put manually put it in first and it drives fine. I can shift through all of the gears manully but if I just put it in drive it always starts out in second. I changed the vacuum modulator I've been told to look at the kickdown cable or to clean the governor and the valve body. I have no idea where the governor is located and I wanted some good advice before i started spending money.
  9. I just put 31" tires on my bronco I had 35's I have 4.56 gears where can I find a speedo gear to get my speedometer to be accurate
  10. I bought the power steering pump reservior kit from JBG because my old reservior was leaking I changed out the packing and the reservior and its still leaking. I put pet(petrolatum) on packing and the inside of the reservior and it still leaks any suggestions?
  11. After sitting for nearly 2 years and almost being sold I've got my bronco back on the road . The issue I'm having is while I'm driving the temperature guage sits at or above the L on the word normal I haven't changed the thermostat or flush the coolant yet. This morning when I was driving 5 min into the drive the temp guage shot up to the H and when I turned the heater on all I got was cool air the entire 30 min drive. When I took my foot off the gas the temperature went down slightly. Any thoughts of why its running like it is?
  12. I want to remove the 3" body lift on my bronco. How easy/hard will it be?
  13. Right now i get about 11, 12 mpg is there anything i can do to improve my gas mileage by 2-5 mpg or is that wishful thinking
  14. I haven't driven my bronco in about a year i've started and let it run occasionally but thats the most action it has gotten. I decided to move it yesterday and when i stepped on brakes the pedal went straight to the floor i pressed it 5-10 times and it kept doing the same thing. i put it in reverse to see if the brakes worked and they did but the only way they would engage is if the pedal was as far down as it would go. what component do i need to replace to fix this issue?
  15. Whats the best way to do the vac check?
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