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  1. I will have to try that, the closest napa is about 3 miles from me, so I will stop by this week.
  2. I was going to change my oil today, and the plug didnt come out. The threads had been getting weaker, and weaker over the last few changes. Today, it finally stripped all of the way. I guess I will have to be getting a new oil pan, unless anyone knows of a good way to cut new threads in a pan and find a bigger drain plug. The motor is a 351W HO.
  3. I am going to order the hubs this week, and rebuild the C6 tranny too in the near future. The truck doesnt get may miles at all because it is the backup backup car, and gets driven about once every week. It has been working hard over the last few years, so it is time for a break. The C6 has about 152k miles on it, so it is getting a little long in the tooth. The engine has about 30k on it though. Is there a fairly easy Over Drive transmission swap that is good for my truck. 86 351w HO. I need a good transmission for light towing and the very ocassional wheeling that is mostly mud, so I dont need an overbilt transmission or anything special. Just something durable.
  4. I have a ford engine specs chart if anyone wants it. It is on my other computer and I will try to remember to upload it. It has hp tq and even weights of ford truck engines up to 96.
  5. These threads are really popular on other forum's OT sections, and I fugured that I would give it a spin here. See bimmerfest.com's Word Thread for a good example. Random
  6. 1997 BMW 528i AT. It is an awesome car and a totally different ride to the Bronco. It is a different feeling comfortably crusing at 90 mph+ versus just trucking along at 65. Also at the pump, I am getting about 23 in town, and 27 on the highway. Versus 8 and 12 respectively. There is nothing like hitting the mud though.
  7. Well, I dont know if anyone remembers me here, I havent posted in 2+ years, but I had a rather exciting day in the Bronco that inspired me the check in on the forum. I got a call from one of my friends, who has an '05 silverado 4x4 5.3L vortec. He told me that he needed my help to get someone else stuck from the mud. The were in a power line right of way, with an 06 Land Rover LR3 V8 HSE that was buried up to the frame. Already there was a S-10 ZX2 supercharged with AT's. I just have AT's that need replacing, so I find a good line and power back to the LR3 right behind the Silverado. Right as I am getting on to solid ground, Pop goes my drivers side auto hub. Great I now have 2wd in a mud pit with All Terrains that are worn. Luckily, there were some conviently located power poles to winch out with a come-along. The S-10 went to get closer to the LR3, and got stuck. We winched it out from my truck, and then another buddy arived with a '78 scout with Mud Terrains. I still had a 200 ft mud pit to go through, so I hooked up the towstrap to the scout, and got out easily. The scout pulled on the LR3 for half an hour before the tow company was called. The owner of the tow company has a 06 F-250 Powerstroke with a 4" skyjacker lift and 35" mud terrains. After about 1 hour and $350 worth of tugging later, the LR3 was freed. Well, I'm going to get some locking hubs (Warn?). As well as some new tires and wheels. A little farther in the future, I will try to get an Edelbrock EFI setup (400hp+) and Overdrive Transmission. I will try to post some pics, but the are all stuck on my phone for now.
  8. thanks for all of the advice. i have already bypassed the neutral safety swich kuz i needed the truck to start. i do have a trailer harness that was replaced about 2 months ago. the old one was a victim of mudbogging but i trimmed the wires and inspected them and they looked good. the ac fan does work, for now, but i am gonna try to do some touble shooting this week.
  9. Hi, everyone. It has been a while, i have been really busy lately but now i have a problem. My wiring harness is dying quickly. About 2 weeks ago, i took about a 2 hour round trip in my bronco. on the way back with only bout 15 minutes i stopped at a store. when i returned the vehicle wouldnt start. after some quick troubleshooting, i assumed that the problem was the solenoid and skipped the connection with jumper cables and the truck started right up. i drove straight to napa and picked up a new solenoid only to figure out that it wasnt the solenoid. i started testing the voltage and found that there was no voltage coming from the small activation wire when the key was in the start position. i replaced the end to no avail. i then replaced the switch that controls all of the key functions. this is located under the dash near the steering column and the different positions are activated by a linkage that runs from the key to the switch. this also didnt give any results. all of the accesory positons still worked. i went to wal-mart and got a push button starter and installed it, connecting it to a ignition-on 12v source in the fuse box. and ran a new wire to the starter solenoid. the truck starts fine now. two days later, both backup lights went out simltaneouly. now today, my blinkers stopped working but the emergency flashers still do. my question is, has the wiring in the harness stopped working like this for anyone else. could i have a short somewhere, and also i think i heard that f-150/broncos were prone to this kind of failure and possibly fire caused by this and the was a recall issued but i can find any informaiton on this. Does this recall exist or does anyone have any suggestions on fixing these problems? thanks
  10. BMW also uses a slant six. They are all reffered to as an inline six now. ford never produced a slant six that i know of. most likely, this is a typographical error made by carfax.
  11. not worth the effort. if you really want a stronger frame, lift off the body and box in all of the rails. also add some crossing ladder bars. that will add a ton of tortional rigitity. your truck will ride more like a dumptruck if it doesnt already now. if you were to swap frames, none of the things on the HD frame would be compatible with the bronco. the wheelbase is so much shorter on the bronco than any of the other pickups. this means you would have to shorten the frame and re weld it back together. if you are doing this, you might as well box the entire frame. and if you mess up the measurements when cutting the frame, you could end up going sideways down the road.
  12. check you clamps. i have gotten cheap ones that have broken very quickly before too.
  13. consider yourself lucky. they only really grazed your truck. at least they werent going fast or it could have been a total loss. it might make you think twice about paking on the street from now on. good luck with police and insurance.
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