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  1. Do they sell replacement parts?
  2. it was distributer cap......contacts were all coroded except for one.
  3. Like the title says. It will crank over and hit couple times and puff black smoke and thats all. Happened on one other occasion but eventually started and ran fine. It started yesterday just fine then I pulled in garage to work on hub and it wouldn't start back. Keep in mind it is about 20 degrees here and it possibly could be water in gas I guess. Could it possibly be the ignition switch? The guages seem to act a little abnormal when I turn the key to start and the Brake light goes on and off as the key is turned.
  4. If you run street most of time and want fuel economy I'd put on the 35's and stick to the stock gears with that 460. I have a 460 in my Bronco and 4.11's with 35 inch tires and at hiway speeds it probably gets in the single digits. I do not drive it on hiway much just mainly country roads and it gets around 10 mpg, depending how u drive it.
  5. Check all connections and trace the wires to make sure there are no broken ones along the way.
  6. Power Steering started to act up so I checked fluid and it was real low. I topped it off and the problem continues. Pump sounds normal and belt is not too tight. When the truck is sitting it is like no power steering at all but when its moving it is intermittent but still stiff. No recent modifications made. Is there a filter somewhere?
  7. A friend of mine told me I wouldn't like it but I bought it anyway. It was one of those too good to pass up deals, right place at the right time.
  8. I didn't think that Detroit lockers needed an additive.....
  9. Ever since we installed the Detroit Locker it has been rather noisy during turns. There is a difference when turning left and right which left is louder and right it seems to stay locked in unless your on pavement. It is not a clunking or grinding sound but more of a ratcheting which I assume is fairly normal but it just seems too noisy to me. A couple friends of mine run them in their 14 bolts and you can barely hear them. It really annoys the hell out of me and I wish I would've spent the extra money and put a True Trac in the rear.
  10. Has to be a vent on the tank somewhere. LMC lists one for the 78-79's but not sure about yours. I have heard that the newer GM and Ford trucks are having this problem.
  11. Run a short piece of rubber gas line into a small gas can and run it to your fuel pump and see if it will run that way. Try to keep the tank at the same height or slightly higher than the tank on your Bronco. It doesn't make alot of sense that it ran before and not now.
  12. I had the same prob when i replaced the electrical pump the PO had on mine with a mechanical. Are you sure you have the gas lines hooked up correctly at the pump, inlet and outlet? The pump for mine wasn't labeled (460) and the way we first had it was actually backwards. Since it didn't have a mech on it b4 I didn't have anything to go off of. You can also run an airhose into your gas filler neck with a rag over it to push the fuel from the tank up to your pump with the gas line disconnected to rule out any blockages. I had to prime mine a couple times to get the gas from the pump to the carb and after that it has worked great. If you haven't already buy an inline fuel filter and put between the carb and pump so you can get a visual on the gas flow. I had nothing but problems with the electrical pump.
  13. my very bottom right hand fuse is a 7.5 amp for the radio.
  14. 35-14.50 boggers on my 78 with 4" and only rub when flexing in a turn. I've seen the remedy for this which is sawzall and removing about 4" of sheet metal from the fender but I can't bring myself to do it. Fender usually curls in and is easy to pull back out.
  15. Where would you mount the tank? Seems like all the propane powered vehicles I've seen have been trucks and tank was always in bed.
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