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66-96 Ford Broncos - Early & Full Size


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  1. Hey guys and girls, hows everything? I know I haven't been around in a while, figured I would let ya know Im still around. Bought a 78 Bronco and am slowly building it. Pics to come...
  2. Bigger tires are on the way!! Just waiting on my tax return. I used blocks in the rear by the way
  3. I know I haveb't been around in a while, but I'm back. I recently put a 4" Rough Country lift on my 95 Eddie Bauer. Heres some pics and specs of it: 60,000 miles 5.8L 351W E40D 31X10.50R15s 4" Rough Country Lift BEFORE AFTER This last pic was taken next my company truck, an 01 F450 Super Duty Dynamic Self Loading Wrecker
  4. If it was running good til you fueled up, then it may be bad gasoline.
  5. Heres a few more shots of the truck:
  6. Good to be back . I'm working hard to keep this rig clean and keep the miles so low. Unfortunately, the truck has to be parked outside due to clearance issues. I find its hard to keep the mileage down.
  7. Thanks, the truck amazingly came from northern Mass before coming to Connecticut. I was amazed to find a truck in such great shape with all the salt we use during the winters. It belonged to an elderly coiuple til one passed away and their son sold it to me.
  8. Well, I finally found a perfect Bronco with no rust. I bought the truck in July, but have been so busy haven't had time to post it here. Its a 1995 Eddie Bauer with 56000 original miles (53k when I bought it) and not a spot of rust. I found it for sale on a back road and payed $5500 for it. All it took was a walk around the truck, look at the mileage and a 5 minute trst drive and it taken. Heres some pics of er:
  9. $3.99 here in connecticut!!
  10. My new 79 with a 400M and only 96000 miles
  11. Haha, I remember that! 2 best looking trucks at the car show!
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