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  1. On your year Bronco you should have 2 fuel pumps. A high pressure one in the tank and a low pressure one located on the inside of the frame rail on the drivers side, sounds to me like your tank pump quit and your running off the secondary low psi pump. This happend to me, and it will run with that pump, just not well or for long. Your best bet is to replace or check the fuel pump in the tank first, but as for checking the psi youd need the kit and guage to thread onto the fitting located on the fuel rail itself. Other than that, replacing the whole fuel rail/regulator is the only other way to see if it is the actual regulator, but thats 99.9% never the case
  2. I must agree with Seabronc. Fords and grounds are a huge headache when things go wrong, but to me, it sounds like when you hit your lights it may be killing the spark in some way, since it dies so fast. Bronco's have 2 fuel pumps on most EFI models, and it would still run for a few seconds or so even with the fuel pump off. Thats why it sounds like a spark/electrical issue to me, but i could be wrong. Trial and error ( or a shop ) is about all you can do, good luck!
  3. Its a pain, but u actually can drop the pan with the engine in the truck, you just have to brop and tilt it enough so you can get your hand in there to feel around. Try using a strong magnet and drag it against the oil pan twards the drain plug hole, and if you can get it to the hole, at least you will know you have it found. Personally id just try and grab it with needle nose and break it out piece by piece first. It wont be a good turnout if you leave it in there tho. With dropping the pan you should replace the rear main seal as well as the oil pan gasket of course, thats about it. I reccomend a 1 piece oil pan gasket made of neoprene.
  4. Welcome to the zone, what are you planning to do first to it? Any lift or suspension upgrades?
  5. The stock efi setup will work fine if you just want to make your 351w fuel injected, they can flow well till about 5 grand, thats including mods like heads and cam ( if u have them ) you dont have to spend a ton on an aftermarket efi system. You could get one from a junkyard cheap. That is if all you care about is having it be EFI, but remember, the 302 and 351 efi is different, so is the computer and wiring harness, firing order and all that, so make sure if you DO get a junkyard setup, its from a 5.8 truck
  6. GEARS can play a big part in cases like this. Look at my rig 38x15.50 tires with a 306 turning them just fine. 456 gears did the trick there, so its something to consider
  7. i currently run shorty headers, to tru dual exhaust, 2.5 inch, i broke my collector flange so i need to replace them, i cant decide if i want to go with longtubes or go with shorties again, some ppl say shorty are better for trucks with big tires because they deliver more torque, some ppl say longtubes will give more torque over shorties, ANYONE ever experimented?
  8. never had em before,but i just orderd 2 dynomax high flow race cats for it, hoping i dont loose any sound or power, what you guys think?
  9. possibly a pump inside the transmission or very worn bands
  10. i have an 89 bronco and i picked up a set of longtube headers from a buddy for free that came off his 79 f150 2wd with a 302, im not sure but they look like they would fit, anyone know for sure?
  11. could be a vaccume leak, could be your TPS, could be a dirty or clogged up throttle body, check all of those out
  12. the bumper will work fine, or you could get a brushguard or pushbar that accepts lights and mount them on there
  13. does anyone happen to know of a good website that would sell a chip or computer for an 89 bronco efi for more power? i just cant seem to locate anything today
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