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  1. bigbluebronc

    74 Bronco - Charcoal cannister

    chuck the mess get a new tank and drive it like ya stole it
  2. bigbluebronc


    just buy an old 4runner you will get thru it all
  3. Why a good c4 in a bronco is worth more in socal imo. I drove a eb with a np435 for years and hated it. Doing yotas now and love my 340h autotrans with 5.29s. My two bucks ........
  4. bigbluebronc

    I AM your hero!!!

    Is that safty switch properly excavated from the cave and reinstalled lol
  5. bigbluebronc

    Sitting for 10 yrs cleaning gas tanks

    put a vinyle floor kit in with sound deadening. So you can wipe it out and it will still be quiet.
  6. bigbluebronc

    Do doors exist that can be used with inserts?

    You could also get some factory beater doors and cut them down too half doors. Or run full doors, which I always preferred with windows down.
  7. bigbluebronc

    76 long start

    Blow out the carb (aka get the crud out clean the bowls and check needles and float) change the fuel filter. Drain tank and add new gas.This always worked for me. seafoam is your best friend.
  8. bigbluebronc

    Best places to buy restoration products

    junkyard is king for cheap parts
  9. bigbluebronc


    please i have told a hundred people the same thing make this a newwbie fact bigblubronc
  10. bigbluebronc

    74 Bronco dies when I slow down, want idle

    all these darn old broncos are fuel sensetive clean out your tank blow out your carb change the fuel filters clean out your pump and it will run all day
  11. bigbluebronc

    4.6 v8 engine swap in a early bronco

    anything is possible if you use the the search button thats a good efi swap do it and tell us about iT !!! thanks dude
  12. bigbluebronc

    A good seat swap?

    A bronco will hold any seat as long as it fits you, I have have racings seats, toyota seats, chevy seats, I finally liked beard racing seats with a 5 point harnes, but it is up too you as a fit just weld and grind till it fits
  13. bigbluebronc

    twin stick for diff

    I was a hardcore with my bronco, I ran rocks and sand and snow,if you do stuff like me the twin stick made a a good front digg and a rear push,,,, if you have the lockers..... BBB
  14. bigbluebronc

    fuel pump with vacuum

    just give up the vacucm and go electric it will treet you better and work full time !!!!
  15. bigbluebronc

    water pump pully

    klew you did it the hard way, I was as full time fan.hahaha