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  1. man i thought it was just my part of texas that was like that. seems like theres a lot f people from texas on this site.
  2. Good luck going mudding in it due to it being a front wheel drive.
  3. lmctruck.com sells a glass pack for the bronco and a stock system for a bronco. i believe its bolt on.
  4. is that a restored bronco you can actually order out of a catalog?
  5. does anyone like kentrol or something make a fiberglass top? cuz kentrol doesnt say wether its fiberglass. if so does anyone know how much the beast weights? thanks
  6. well RIGHT NOW nothing as far as suspension its the least of my worries right now cuz i need some other junk more than i want to do this but i do want to get a nice suspension for it that i know can articulate well. right now i have just plain old rancho 9000 shocks. im assuming they dont do much for hard stuff such as this?
  7. just wondering how much i can go as far as articulation with a 3.5 inch lift on a 66. im just curious cuz i want to get one of those kick ass pictures of its all jacked up on a ramp. thanks
  8. it never likes my pics....but thats probably cuz they're too high of a resolution and im to lazy to change their size so i just say screw it
  9. yea but we didnt get the ice today. its supposed to be real bad tomorrow though.
  10. Okay i've been looking for the paint that im going to paint my truck (house of kolor- Candy Kobalt Blue) and i cant find it on the internet. does anyone know where i can find it on the internet?
  11. sounds like a good idea but how do you keep it from rusting? just spray some paint in there?
  12. What kind of dumbass father lets their kid drive that anyways? i wouldnt let my son drive it even if he was 35 and knew how to drive. retards.
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