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  1. man johnski all he said was that he took a 2 pictures one year apart. he never said, "hey look how much work ive done." i don't know about you, but my ma'ma allways said, "if you aint nuttin nice to say, dont say nuttin at all."
  2. well guys i sold my bronco. well good new is that i got what i had in it, $1500. so i wont have a bronco untill either i graduate from uti and get a job or yall wanna donate one to me lol well ill try and come buy ever so often when i remember so yea ttyl beefy
  3. good luck man....id be care full i dont know how yours is but mine ate a extenstion and 5/8 socket...i still havnt figured that one out...but yea i hope get it fixed i wish i could get mine fixed
  4. yea i know but id thought id see what yall say cuz most of yall are lot older than i am and yall have been through more than i have but i dont know im tryin to go throught the pros and cons and it comein out even in my eyes but oh well ill figure it out
  5. well....this lady we know offered me 1500 for my bronco. my mom started talkin bout it and she went by and looked at it...thats how much i have into it but like i said before im not really sure i want to get rid of it this is gettin to be a real pain in the a$$ i knew i should of just bouth a new engine instead of buyin my chebby
  6. i would work on it at the school but i can only work the first sat. of every phase and i can only do matanice no engine tranny...i can only do brakes oil change ect but i htink i mgiht know where my oil leak is from im thinkin the oil filter thats the only thing that i havnt changed out so as soon as i can get up there im gonna try that and adjust the carb and it might make the trip and hopefully the tranny only leaked fluid cuz the engine was off and i can remember if it was on or not so...fun fun im thinkin bout keepin it i sold my torino and bought it with the money from that so it kinda has a senamental value to it....btw if any of yall are from the houston area...do you know of any good machine shops i can take my heads to when i get em off thanx guys beefy
  7. im goin to school...i have no time to go get it if i did i would. at uti we dont vacations like other schools i have no spring break x-mas or summer break. if it would make the drive i would fly up there on a weekend and drive here but it leaks oil like no other the tranny is now leakin somewhere and the carb need adjusted and i think it has a burnt valve so idk
  8. ok yall here i goes....my bronco is 10 hrs away, thats goin 70-75 mph. my mom keeps tellin me to sell it, i bought with my money and its in my name. should i sell it and save up and buy a new bronco. i was think a 78-79 i have allways like that body style. there are some pros and cons to both and i was just wondering what do you guys think i should do either way im gonna have a bronco i love em to much to not have one thanx in advance beefy
  9. i know it allways gives me the chills too but i am proud that they serve this country and i respect them for what they did and stand for beefy
  10. i think i know where we can get some land!!!!! warren jeffs got caught...we take all of his land and throught out all the poligamists
  11. ok first off you suck secondly that is a sweet truck and im jelous lol
  12. well the topic says it...im tryin to find a wayt o move my bronco down here to houston...it is not rode worthy enugh to make the 9 hr trip so i tryed u-haul to see how much it would cost to rent one of the trailers and well it said that my bronco was too heavy for there trailers so if yall have any sugesstions ill areticate it and i dont have any buddy with a car trailer so that out of the question and i have to rely on my mom so yea... beefy
  13. how is it that we allways in up changin the topic....ever forum we start ends up talkin bout somethin else and the majority of the time its about firelt's neighbor lol
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