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  1. Yo Mike, Purchase the Red orifice tube for r134a. See https://www.fullsizebronco.com/forum/21-noobie-bronco-tech-questions-flame-free-zone/246081-going-convert-r134a-i-want-do-right.html post by pfun41 for more info. ○ see my site for more conversion links @ http://schwimserver5.com/index.php?index=498
  2. Yo e, Thanks! Looking FWD to your flush article. Again, thank you. Al
  3. Yo e, Thanks much! Here is the A/C Orifice Tube Replacement in 1996 Bronco/F-Series from the 96 Workshop Manual @ http://www.diesel-dave.com/vehic/manual/stj/stjc3a40.htm ○ And, A/C System Filtering @ http://www.diesel-dave.com/vehic/manual/stj/stjc3a46.htm Ford wrote this up as part of compressor failure inspection & replacement.
  4. Yo, Here ya go pal! Camper Top; Cross-Section Structure pics in 80-96; Chris said that thye metal structure is about an 1/8-3/16" thick Source: by Chris B (Blue, bronco boy) The steel "roll bar" inside the factory 78-91 Bronco camper shell is glued into the fiberglass, but not bolted to the bedwalls. All fullsize Broncos (78-96) have a steel "roll bar" integrated into the rear edge of the fiberglass camper shell. In 92, the bar was improved & extended forward so it could be retained by 2 of the bolts, and the alignment pins were moved onto the bar, pointing down into the bedrails..." Shortened info & pics in a 91 Source: by jtg (Jackson) at "The flat part of the top is pretty thin, how ever you can reinforce the flat section by laminating a flat section from an other top to the in side. I've done this to a couple of tops that I have shortened and it makes a big difference." Here is some pics of a cut up top and inside laminated of a shortened top.    Painting info; 1 DO NOT use chemical stripper (I was stripping the entire truck) it's made of SMC(sheet molded compound) and the texture is sprayed on 2 Dont use a DA. You'll sand the splatter pattern off it 3 Scuff it with red scuff pads (3M) 4 Seal with epoxy primer (I used PPG DP-40) 5)Paint, but mix with the desired amount (25-30%) of flattening agent (PPG DX685 - this stuff is weird/smells bad but works; unshaken/unstirred it looks like a sticky golf ball soaking in what I perceive elephant *** would look like). Too much flattening agent and the top will become chalky after a few yews and too little makes it look funny (too glossy). My truck is the newer '98 Expedition white (paint code YZ maybe). I used PPG, DAU product line on this one. If you do this is how I mixed: Color (DAU)16oz; Hardener(DU2)16 oz; Flattener(DX685)10oz (up to 12); Reducer 1.5- 2 oz. The PPG DX685 Chart on the cut sheet is helpful on other PPG lines; Form P-162 (9/96)..." Source: by j. r. Nice (J. R. N)
  5. miesk5

    Need help with Bronco dimensions and measurements

    Yo, I have some Exhaust Sound Clips @ http://schwimserver5.com/index.php?index=574 Other 78-96 Bronco sites are: https://m.facebook.com/FullSizeBronco maintained by https://www.fullsizebronco.com which is best place to obtain sound clips. http://www.superford.org/forums/threads.php?topicid=21 same owner as here! http://www.fourdoorbronco.com/board/cmps_index.php http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/9-ford/ https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/forum44/ but I see you are there already http://www.blueovalforums.com/forums/index.php?/forum/46-bronco-forum/ https://www.fordforumsonline.com/forums/ford-bronco.33/ not much activity http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?s=fb776abecde5cb9c8a0be5ac04647dc9&f=1089 not much activity http://www.offroadexchange.com/modforums/index.php?PHPSESSID=lq18prv1rr93qadkva33em69d6&#c5 not much activity https://www.pavementsucks.com/forums/ has some Bronco owners http://bb.bc4x4.com/forumdisplay.php?12-Ford has some Bronco owners GL! Al
  6. miesk5

    1994 302 into a 1993

    Yo CJ, Speed Density to Mass Air Conversion & Parts List with Cost in a 93 F150, 5.0, E4OD; "...For this article, I will be doing a 93 Ford F-150, 5.0, E4OD trans. Because they don't make a kit for this, I will be re-wiring the harness, and using a PCM and MAF out of a 95 f-150, 5.0, E4OD. If you have a truck with a non-electronic Trans, like the old AOD's, or C-6's, etc, you can use a MAF conversion kit..." Read More Source: by Mike C at http://web.archive.org/web/20101008161856/http://www.eecperformance.com:80/mafconversion.html Speed Density to Mass Air Conversion for Bronco & F 150; "...To convert SD trucks with E4OD/AODE transmissions to MAF, some people use the CA 5.8 MAF/E4OD (F5TF-12A650-BYA). Mike Wesley says he uses the F5TF-12A650-HB (95 CA 5.0 MAF/E4OD) on a 750+ HP daily driver 415 stroker Lightning with a Vortech S trim. It runs open loop, has been reprogrammed, drives like stock, gets 17 MPG and will run low 10’s at 130+ in the 1/4 mile and A/C and cruise work great. Both of these EEC’s are set to use 4.10 gears. If a smaller ratio is used, say 3.55, you could use the F5TF-12A650-GB. There are probably 15-20 EEC’s available to convert a SD (later model) to MAF (some of these may compromise the ability to stay emissions legal). If you have an early SD truck with AOD, re-wire to the Mustang EEC (Ford MotorSport sells this kit). You’ll have to move/add quite a few wires, and you might not like the results if you’re not able to re-calibrate the EEC (like the Pro-M ’low cost’ kit, Kenne Bell, LCA and Downs Ford come pre-re-calibrated). The engine shuts down at 85 MPH, shifting is fairly sloppy and too early (at least on a Lightning). All Ford EECs shift poorly -- except for the Lightning, which is only slightly firmer. To use the Mustang EEC on a truck with an E4OD/AODE, you would need to run two EECs in parallel. The Mustang EEC runs the engine, the existing truck EEC controls the trans. Pro-M sells a kit like this..." READ MUCH MORE Source: by Tom C □
  7. miesk5

    1994 302 into a 1993

    Yo CJ, Ford 5.0 went to HO in 94 with different firing order and plug wire routing, ○ 93 5.0; From a fading memory, the HO has a MAF sensor, IF SO, you will need the PCM, AKA, EEC IV from the 94 and if you have E4OD, the PCM must be from an E4OD equipped Bronco.
  8. miesk5

    1994 302 into a 1993

    Yo CJ, Ford 5.0 went to HO in 94 with different firing order and plug wire routing, ○ 93 5.0;
  9. miesk5

    clunk clunk clunk

    Yo, Ok, check wheel bearing. Buzzing Noise in Front Axle in Two-Wheel Drive, Shortly After Four-Wheel Drive Usage Right or left side hublock. REPLACE hublocks as necessary.
  10. miesk5

    clunk clunk clunk

    Yo D, Here are some possible perpetrators from Ford in a 96; Noise in Steering Column Clunk Steering column intermediate shaft coupling bottoming. ALIGN or ADJUST as required. Loose steering column intermediate shaft coupling to steering column bolt. TIGHTEN to specification. Improperly adjusted steering gear. ADJUST to specification (meshload only). REFER to Section 11-02B or Section 11-02D. Miesk5 note, avoid doing this! Power Steering or Accessory Belt Squealing Check belt for proper tension or glazing. For C-II pump, the pump would be damaged due to excessive fluid temperatures of 149°C (300°F) or higher. Dark fluid with a burnt smell will confirm. TIGHTEN or REPLACE belt as required. REFER to Section 03-05.For CII pump, REPLACE pump and PURGE old fluid. ADD Motorcraft MERCON ® ATF XT-2-QDX or MERCON® equivalent. Pump Noisy Low fluid level and possible leakage. REFILL to specified level. PURGE air from system. CHECK for leaks. REPAIR as required. If noise persists, REPLACE pump. Swish Type Noise Fluid flow into the bypass valve of the pump valve housing with fluid temperature below 55°C (130°F). Normal noise. Whine Type Noise Aerated fluid or cam contour damaged. Worn or damaged valve O-ring seal. PURGE system of air. If condition not resolved, REPLACE pump. GO to Pinpoint Test D .
  11. miesk5

    installing rear wheelstuds

    Yo D, This is by Ford for 96 Bronco, but same for your 85, Wheel Hub Bolt SPECIAL SERVICE TOOL(S) REQUIRED Description Tool Number C-Frame and Clamp Assembly T74P-3044-A1 Removal Raise the vehicle and install safety stands. Remove the wheel and tire assembly. Refer to Section 04-04. Remove the brake drum (1126) from the axle shaft or wheel hub bolts as described in this section. CAUTION: Never use a hammer to remove the stud. Damage to the hub or bearing may result. Using C-Frame and Clamp Assembly T74P-3044-A1, press the wheel hub bolt from its seat in the rear hub (1109). The lug bolt (1107) may also be removed by pressing it out using an appropriate sized socket and C-clamp. Discard the wheel hub bolt. Installation Insert new wheel hub bolt in hole in the axle shaft (4234) or rear hub. Rotate wheel hub bolt slowly aligning serrations with those made by the original wheel hub bolt. Place four flatwashers over the outside end of the wheel hub bolt and thread the lug nut (1012) with the flat side against the washers. CAUTION: Do not use air tools as the serrations may be stripped from the stud. Tighten the lug nut until the wheel hub bolt head seats against the back side of the shaft or hub. Remove lug nut and washers. Install brake drum and wheel (1007). Lower the vehicle. I used large copper cable lugs
  12. miesk5

    Bushwacker Extend a Flares

    Yo 7879, Hang in here, never know when they will pop up. Also look at https://broncograveyard.com/registry/vehicles?for_sale=1 I did a very quick search with no results,so, try periodically. Jeff's is our sole sponsor. ⊙ For a YARD SEARCH on-line, I use;https://www.hollanderparts.comA yard that uses Hollander Interchange can search other yards and have it shipped.Can select certain partsHas Vehicle Pics for some vehiclesIf a specific part, such as the tailgate torsion bar isn't listed, search again for the next higher assembly, such as in this instance, the tailgate. So, I just dis a very limited search for; for 1979 Ford Bronco Rear Body Quarter Panel Assembly 02141L Left . Some pics show one rear side, so click on pics that don't show either rear quarter. If no-go, search for right side....orhttp://www.car-parts.com/Can select certain partsCan search by year range, such as 92 through 96 & has best item condition descriptions such as "COVER BAD LEATHER PWR BKT GRY"Has Vehicle Pics for some vehicles incl. interior/dash, back seat, front & rear and engine bay...http://www.picknpull.comThis is a Company name w/yard locations in various statesCan NOT Select certain partsHas Vehicle Pics for some vehicleshttp://row52.com/SearchCan NOT Select certain partsHas Vehicle Pics for some vehicles AND Want a Part? It's Easy...1. You create a Parts Wanted Listing.2. Parts Pullers respond with offers.3. You pick the best one.A Parts Puller gets the parts you need.****for obsolete parts by Ford long version pn:http://www.partsvoice.com/http://www.rearcounter.comhttp://www.greensalescompany.com https://nospartsltd.com&For new discounted Ford parts:https://consumerlink.oeconnection.com/91554453363118850 (suggested by JScatt!)
  13. miesk5

    Need help with Bronco dimensions and measurements

    Yo David, I edited the tire info etc in my post of Saturday at 08:54 AM all apply to our 96 XL. Most apply to other years depending on which options the buyer chooses. One issue is that my 96 XL tire size is now 32x11.50 x 15.
  14. miesk5

    Need help with Bronco dimensions and measurements

    Yo David, some but as selected options shown in my last post. We Bought our 96 XL new with standard P235 tires and standard argent style steel wheels, standard 5.0 engine, optional E4OD transmission, manual Borg Warner 1356 transfer case. AIR conditioning is the option Everything else on it is marked S for standard column . bingo! Shoulda just posted our window sticker!!! It shows as purchased standard and optional equipment
  15. miesk5

    Need help with Bronco dimensions and measurements

    Yo, I can EDIT the values tomorrow for you. In the transmission category, for offered the M5OD manual as std and E4OD as optional. Most Eddie Baurermodels were built with E4OD. Same for transfer case, manual was standard, auto push button was optional. SEE MORE in 96 Brochure, especially this page;