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    I love to off road. I also love Ford Broncos. I loved them ever since I first saw one when I was 3.
  1. just settled in outside la. havent gotten around to changing my location. my dad has offered me the sebring for $3,800. i dont think there are and broncos for that low.
  2. Broncoboy07


    it seems as if Minnesotabronco96 has told you i am moving out to california and dont have internet out there. just saying goodbye and thankyou for somuch help. i may get back on now and then when i visit my bronco buddies here in the good ol MN
  3. the girl i bought it from was one of those good looking but really dumb girls. (sorry if youre reading this katie!) it was kinda weird because she looked like one that would drive a little geo prizm or something. it was funny cause i told her there was a hole in the exhaust and she replied, "how do ya know?"
  4. i kinda figured that i wouldnt get much for it. like i said, i think im in way over my head. i know pretty much what is wrong with it as i spend all the time i have left over understand how vehicles work. i know the carburetor is in need of help like the tranny and that it wass very abused, but we'll have to see what people think about it when its done. thank you to everyone that has helped me so far!
  5. friday works. i'll head on over. wish i could get my bronco runnin though
  6. i prefer the smell of gasoline
  7. i hate the smell of cigarette smoke. for some reason it guves me a headache. i can live with the smell of dead smoke though. knowing bronco owners, i may have to live with it for a while if i buy a bronco.
  8. only 20k?! what is it going for? i plan on rebuilding a lot of stuff and a dude at my high school said he would pay about $4,000 for my bronco if it was in very good running condition and had nice paint.
  9. im 15 i just bought a 1988 Ford Bronco from my girlfriends cousin. i am excited because this is my first vehicle ever but it doesnt run worth a crap. her cousin was a blonde ditz who didnt know crap about vehicles. she didnt know you had to change the oil every 3,000 miles. she brought it in every 10,000! i plan on fixin it up and sellin it to make money like my dad did when he was in high school. except he did mainly muscle cars. i'll get as much as i can for this one and save for my 1996 dream bronco. plus i want a bronco with a little less milage. less than 245,000. it is gray with rust everywhere. bumpers, fenders, doors, hood, tailgate, you name it, its rusted. she drove it two blocks to school every day in minnesota winters too. that beat up the truck bad. it definetly needs a arbureator rebuild same with the tranny. i need an oil pan swap for it (courtesey of broncorama89) and it really needs a new paint job. brakes are so warn that there is about a half inch grove in the rotors. have to see if i can get them machined. pads are down to the bare metal and calipers need changing; same with the shoes. spark plugs need replacin and left headlight bulb is dead. the left taillight has a huge crack in it and the transmission fluid is like syrup. two lugnuts are gone and there is a hole in the exhaust near the muffler. i guess what im really asking is if anybody knows what this will cost me. am i way in over my head for having only about two hours to spare eachday? i am going to set aside friends and rc for this one. all though some friends are going to help me i will probably get time for rc as i wait for the oil to slug its way out i want to get about $3,000 for this truck when all is done the paint job will be free coutesy broncorama89s friend it will be sittin in a garage for about three months until we bring it over to broncorama89s house. there i will rebuild the tranny so broncoramas friend can take it over to his shop to give it a nice blue and white stock two tone. i dont want to keep this truck for myself cause my girlfriends cousin came straight out and said it was abused alot and she just liked it because it was bigger than anybody elses vehicle. thank you!
  10. oh yeah, the problem howd they do that again? i heard a crazy rumor that said they relocate the master cylinder.
  11. if i know anna, which i do, she is just kiddin with you. she respects you and probably just wants you to spend more time with her. you know my girlfriend, kristen; she told me to stop talkin with my friends and spend more time just the two of us. but she understands and i do spend alot of time with her.
  12. my uncle has magnaflow headers on his 351
  13. hey im leavin my computer right now and coming over if you get this before i get there.
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