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  1. With the extra options I added; 2 front D rings, a license plate holder and freight from Texas to Idaho, the total was right at $1,100. I also have one of their front bumpers on my 2008 F-250 and I get all kinds of guys asking me where I got that bumper. Fit and finish is super good and the powder coating is excellent. It weighs about 275 lbs, so it ain't light, but is definately deer and elk proof.
  2. I replaced my stock Ford automatic hubs with the Warn Supreme's. That was years ago. Only way to go, IMHO. Pap
  3. I finally got home long enough to get my front bumper installed It's a Southwest Texas Frabricators bumper and it's really heavy duty. Check it out- http://www.southwestfabricators.com/index.html
  4. I just added Marathon Superhide seat covers, Vent Shades all around, Husky floor liners all around, Heavy Tint all around, new front brake rotors/pads, Chrome front brush guard, Duraflap mudflaps front/rear, and new stock skins/tires. Will post new pics soon.
  5. Yes, a Bassani SS muffler, and it has a very nice mellow sound. Nope, too many kids and critters have ruined that new car smell, but I don't care, as long as it looks good.
  6. Three little boys were having a discussion about who's daddy was the fastest. The first little boy said that his daddy was a professional football player and that he could stand on the 30 yard line and throw a pass to the opposite end of the field and run down and catch the ball before it hit the ground. All agreed that his dad was pretty fast. The second little boy said that his dad was a professional baseball player and that he could stand at the center field fence, throw the baseball to home plate and be there to catch it before it hit the ground. Everyone agreed that his dad was very fast too. The last little boy said that his dad worked for the government and that he gets off work at 4:30 pm and is home by 3:30 pm. All agreed that the third little boy's dad was by far the fastest of all.
  7. I have a '96 with the E4OD and a Transgo shift kit. What tranny fluid should I be using? Mercon/Dextron or Mercon V ? Can I use Mobil 1 synthetic? Thanks.
  8. See how good you can consentrate.......watch the little red ball. http://www.nemarov.com/media/1/20050112-Thetest-uk.swf
  9. Here are my pics on my recently acquired 1996. Thanks for looking.
  10. Here's some pictures of my "new" 1996 Bronco with the mods included in my sig.
  11. I recently purchased a 1996 EB Bronco, 5.4 with the equipment listed on my sig. It is a beauty with only 45,000 miles!! I'll get some pictures in a few days. I am really impressed with the power. I had an 89 for a while with the 5.0 and it was nothing like this one. I really love it. Looking forward to many years with it. Am about to re-do the front brakes and new tires. Must get it ready for hunting. No scratches, of course!! Looking forward to this forum to help me keep it in good shape. Here are my pictures:
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