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  1. if most of your driving is onroad, then i would suggest an all terrain tire, i have swampers, and i like them, but i don't mind the rumble of aggressive tires. also the lower to the ground you are, the better handleing you will have. if you don't plan on wheeling much, a 4inch and 35's well be plenty. you will sit up, have good clearnce, without getting too tipy. i'm not sayin a 6 inch would be bad, i'm just sayin if you don't realy wheel, you don't realy need the extra 2 inches. if you plan on wheeling in the future though, the 6 inch may be the way to go, that way you won't kick yourslef later. i would stay away from rough country, tough country and pro comp lifts. these lifts tend to ride rougher, and being yours will be mostly street, you will want a smooth ride. don't go cheap on suspension, those parts will be in there a while, find yourself a set of cheap tires instead, then when you can afford good ones, buy the ones you want.
  2. Juice


    I have the TSL's on my bronc, and they are wearing realy well, i got around 10k on them so far, and they are in great shape. my buddy had the 34x10.50 on his jeep for a while, then they were on his bronco. he also liked them. but if you do run swampers, you will get flat spots, they round out fairly quickly again though. also if tire noise is an issue, they are not waht you want, for they are very noisy. but off the pavement, they are the cats ass. they work great in the mud, and on the rocks. they work good in the snow, as long as you can dig to bottom. you might try the Trxus M/T's from interco. they have very low tire noise, and i have a few friends that run them, and are very pleased with their performance.
  3. lookin awsome, keep it up man /biggrin.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' /><' />
  4. i belive 91 maybee 92 was the first year factoiry leather was an option. my 95 has leather, but i'm pretty sure the silver aniversary eddition was the first time leather was an option, i always forget what year it was
  5. your all wrong . 33s will fit stock on 78-91 broncos. 92-96 32's are max, unless you shim the bumpre out, which only takes five minutes, so baisicly 33's will fit stock on all broncos. depending on tire width, rim width and backspacing you may rub on your radius arms. but if you go with lik a 33x12.50 on like a standerd 8 inch wheel you shouldn't have many if any problems with rubbing. hell i fit a 39.5x18 inch bogger in the rear! it rubbed just sitting there and it was worn down, but i did it!
  6. I hate it when people say they want to vote for kerry because bush went to war, because KERRY VOTED TO GO TO WAR! When bush took office, jobs were already on a decline, and we were already heading into a rescesion, of which in the past three years jobs have been on the rise, and the economy is improving
  7. where in michigan are ya from, there is a few of us bronco guys here in marquette. can't go wrong with a warn
  8. never got farther than 3 miles from my house so i'm havin trouble seeing those 42s ryan
  9. we are gonna meet up at the citgo in harvey saturday at 11:00. if you guys wanna meet up friday as well give us a call 906 249-3334 talk me or Erik. btw the citgo in harvey is about 1 mile form marquette city limits and right on US 41
  10. so aparently chad went to texas, and is working down there oh sorry i mean raven
  11. where at in the UP are ya from? i actually know raven, but haven't seen him in prolly a month, he is in the NMU Trailcats which i am also in
  12. so i'm taking it none lives in michigan and likes to wheel
  13. if its not closed, then put a sholder into it, or have someone big put pressure while someone else tries to put the window down. if it still doesn't work your gonna have to jump the switch in the tailgate, which involves removing the access panel and playin with some wires if i'mnot mistakin
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