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  1. What are the stock injectors(pounds) on an 87 2.9L engine?
  2. I have a 1987 Ranger XLT, 2.9 TFI, Automatic w/ A/C...After driving for about an hour(I drive back and forth to college) my fuel gauge, oil pressure, & engine temp gauge needles will all go as far past the max that they can go until the truck is turned off and turned back on. I have the gauge set up where one "gauge" has the fuel, oil press, engine temp, and pyro all in one gauge next to the speedo...no tach...and also the pyro gauge or speedo is not affected by this...could it be some sort of short...Thanks for the help... Casey
  3. I have an 87 Ranger that's doing the same thing listed here...hesitating on takeoff...mine has 2.9 w/ fuel injection...it has new cap, plugs, rotor, air & fuel filter, the truck only has 53,000 original miles on it...my dad has been a mechanic all his life and he's leaning towards the egr valve...any other suggestions? Thanks, Casey
  4. My Bronco (1990 Fullsize, 302, AOD) just started leaking transmission fluid one night. First thing I though of was the cork gasket on the pan. Changed it to a rubber fiber gasket, no luck. Next, I retightened all the bolts on the pan in sequence, no luck. Then, I went to the guy who rebuilt it for me. He told me that AOD's in 4x4 vehicles are bad about leaking between the back of the tranny and the tail housing, so I should tighten up the bolts holding them together. Came home, did that, no luck still. He also told me that on the rare occasion the housing cracks and that would be why it was leaking. Came home checked it, not cracked. My Dad suggested that maybe the pan was bent. I took it back to the mechanic to have him look at it for me. The pan was bent, he fixed it, came home tried again, still leaking. It looks as if it is leaking between the two rear center bolts on the pan. Someone please give me more ideas on what it could be. This is my daily driver and I need it fixed ASAP!!
  5. I have decided to change my fans over to electric as part of rebuilding my motor. I was wonder what would be the best one to use. I plan on running dual fans and I found a kit at a local parts store that has a thermostat and all the wiring with it so all I need are fans. What's everyone's opinion?
  6. I am getting ready to rebuild my 1990 302EFI and when I put it back together I would like to leave the smog system off. Is this possible? If so, what all is involved? Any help is greatly appriciated.
  7. My 1990 is doing the same thing. I think(99.9% sure) the problem is that the striker bolts are loose and my tailgate is not shutting flush against the body and the tracks aren't completely line up like they're supposed to be, so you my looking at that too.
  8. Roadkill, mine were the same as your's. Thanks for the help.
  9. Ok. I'll try it and let you know. Thanks, for the help.
  10. I have a 90 Fullsize XLT and I'm trying to get my armrests off so I can put my new seat covers on. Anyone know how this is done?
  11. Well I figured more shocks=better ride on and off road. Other than that no real reason.
  12. I have a 1990 Fullsize w/ the single shock towers up front. I want to replace them w/ some dual towers off a similar Bronco? How hard would this be? Is it a weekend project or take it to a shop and let someone who really knows do it?
  13. Are the acuator springs easy to come by (like Autozone or similar store) or would I have to go through like a Ford dealership?
  14. I have a 1990 Fullsize. Is there a relay for the rear window switch(es)? If so, where is it located? My problem is my window going down very slow. It goes up fast. I was told to check the ground, too. I was also told that a relay might be getting hot, so if there is one I need to know where it is. Thanks for the help in advance. Casey
  15. I was talking to my friend the other day about the new Harley Davidson Edition F150's, 250's, etc. He said that he knew someone w/ a 1980 Harley Davidson Edition Bronco that was put out by Ford and Harley. Does anyone know if there ever was such a thing from Ford or if it was just one that someone made to look factory. I never got to see it and I can't remember who I was talking to about to ask them again.
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