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  1. Hey, all Got the 4.9L 5 speed 1990 Bronco, talked the guy down to $2200, so I got it. Runs good, needs a little work. I probably paid too much, but I don't care! Finally got what I wanted. I am gonna have this one for life!
  2. So, it sounds like the tranny may have been abused some. Now I am at a loss for what to do? I keep getting told to keep looking, but after 5 years, I am not having much luck. Bronco's are becoming harder to find for cheap around here.
  3. miesk, what do you think a fair price would be? The 4.9L Custom guy only came down to $2600, which is still way too high I think. But Clifton said drive it and make him an offer. The frame thing doesn't really bother me that much, as this will just be a toy. However I do want to put it back together and drive it some. He and I spoke on the phone last night about an hour, and he was open about the frame issue. Here in southern Illinois even rust bucket Broncos seem to demand $3000.
  4. I am beginning to agree. miesk, you may know about the other one I am now considering, clifton from over on FSB.com has his for sale. While it needs some work,it seems like a better deal. http://carbondale.craigslist.org/cto/3282930336.html
  5. Hey, all. Haven't posted here in a long time. What do you all think? http://carbondale.craigslist.org/cto/3276275819.html It is a little rough around the edges. Cracked windshield, cracked grille, driver's side front fender is beat up, a few touch up spots that are a little faded. Runs great, shifts good, everything works. Tires are about 85%, body has no rust. Asking $3000, might come down. Bronco Custom 4.9L 5 speed What do you all think??
  6. MudBug, What I would look for if I were you would be a set of tire which run well on pavement and light offroading. BF Goodrich makes some fine tires for this. Either the All Terrain, Rugged Trail (which I have on my 2004 F-150) or if you can find them, the Long Trail. The size? Well, if no lift, then I would run 31x10.50s, easier to find and cheaper. Just my thoghts.
  7. Thanks, miesk. Illinois does not have inspection on vehicles. Simply license and insure them and drive away. I remember reeading about the hubs when I was on here all the times I had a Bronco in the past. I am going to give him a call here on my next day off and stop by and look. thanks for your 2 cents, they are greatly appreciated!!
  8. Hello All: My quest for another Bronco continues. Found this one on e-Bay, and it is within a 15 minute drive to my home. How much do you think it would be worhttp://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150327341717&_trksid=p2759.l1259th? I would say about $750-$850, but you opinions are greatly appriciated!
  9. If that's the case miesk, and I am sure it is, this is an automatic. I am now not sure I am willing to take the chance. If it is a replacement motor, I would simply prefer that myself, or someone I know and trust do it. I just like original, unless I change it. Thanks for the facts, everybody, they really help.
  10. Ok, here's the deal: I have the chance to buy a 1985 Bronco XL for $1500 if I am willing to drive around 200 miles. It has about 125,000 miles on it and from the pics, it looks great. I have but 2 problems,, 1) the fuel gauge doesn't work; and 2) the motor. The seller says it is a fuel injected 302 (5.0L) and I thought Broncos went EFI in 1986 with the 302? I have saw pics of the motor and it is fuel injected, but I don't want a truck that has a different motor than it should have. He says it is all original. Looking to some other Bronco nuts to shed some light. Thanks!
  11. I understand the reason for wanting better gas mileage, but the C-6 is such a tough transmission, I would be hard pressed to want to swap it out with something else. The C-6 is easy to find and inexpensive to repair (from my experience). But it is you rig, as I always say, do with it what you want. Have fun.
  12. Now, I can swear I just heard the fuel pump kick on. I am at a loss here, it still won't start!
  13. My check engine light is on, but that is because I have a bad O2 sensor. Someone suggested that I remove the fuel line and crank the engine to see if fuel comes out, but that sounds insane. The bronco isn't my daily driver, but I did just fill it up the day before this occured. That's what is funny, I parked it one day, in which it ran fine, go out the next, it started and died, and hasn't started since. I thoght that if the fuel pump was going bad it would act up a little?
  14. The switch is in the down posistion. I have popped it up and reset it to no avail. Should I wire around it as my dad did in his 1988 Ranger once?
  15. Try replacing the relay, they are inexpensive and easy to change. If that doesn't work, then the shift motor may be bad. There are a couple of fuses, one in the fuse panel and one in the power distribution box, plus a relay.
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