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  1. what could be wrong? my a/c selector is stuck on defrost. it wont go back to the vents when i move the selector. could it be a bad selector, vacuum problem, or my blower motor. my blower motor is acting up too. i only have one speed and that is like the lowest speed ever. any help is appreciated. thanks
  2. i must say that is a nice looking bronco. what size lift is that? i'm looking in to getting a lift for my bronco. and nice 33's
  3. Here are pics of my 92 Bronco. i'm getting ready to turn 171000 miles on it.
  4. if it was coming out of the rear seal, why would it only do it on long trips? and wouldn't I be losing like tons of fluid also? and i'm not. I thinking about the modulator too but the hing is i dont have a c6. so any other suggestions?
  5. When on long road trips, my truck blows smoke out from m exhaust and it smells like tranny fluid. In town, its runs fine. just on long trips. anyone know what could be causing this? My truck now has 170,500 miles and not sure how long has been the trans fluid changed. Any help appreciated. I have the E40D also if that helps...
  6. have you given your truck a tune up in awhile? if not give it one like plugs and wires should do...
  7. there is a speed sensor recall? for what year trucks?
  8. i'm just gonna wait til i get my income tax in and go out and get me a set of warn prems and be done with it but thanks
  9. yea i'm talking about the locking part...so i should be ok?
  10. hey guys, after just looking my truck over, i found out that my passenger side hub is bad. i dont have the money to replace them right away but will it hurt to drive with it being bad or wont matter? my truck info is in my signature. thanks
  11. I have the same problem with my truck. I have no speedometer i have to shift into neutral and back into drive when i stop at a light or something. My mileage doesn't move either. the rear abs light is on too. i replaced the rear abs sensor in the differential twice and still no go. Next thing i'm gonna try is the abs module behind the glove box. after that might be replacing a tranny if nobody ELSE has any ideas. i have the E4OD also.
  12. sounds like to me you have a problem with the hubs.
  13. yea reverse is the only hard shift and yes its the 92 in my signature. it was weird cause i replaced the sensor the first time and it was fine for about 2 months. then it just went out for good. my rear abs light is also on. i had a feelinbg it couuld be the trans.
  14. My bronco is driving me insane. Here is what it does: First I have no speedometer. second my mileage has been the same for a while now. and Third I have to shift into neutral and back into drive so I can move again once i stop at stop sign or redlight. cause my trans does not upshift. it downshifts fine but no upshift. and when i shift into reverse it shifts too hard. I already replaced the sensor in the rear differential twice (rear abs sensor). Any ideas of what else it could be. Could it be my rear going? trans? I'm still rather new to bronco considering this is my first one owning. any help is appreciated
  15. i noticed that my truck is blowing i guess it woiuld be white smoke only when i'm out on a long drive. i'm not burning any oil. and it also smokes from passenger side under the hood by the tranny dipstick. friday i had a hose spraying antifreeze all over the place. would this have anything to do with it? is it possible that i could have bad gas?
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