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  1. well i just put an add a leaf in my bronco leaf spring packs and wanted to kno if u really need them clamps that are rivited to the springs..i kno all they do is stop the springs from fanning out so i grinded the old ones off and made soem of my own so it could hold the add a leaf too...do they really hold that much stress??? do they have to be really strong??
  2. anyone got any tips on how to stop the damn thing without changing anything too drastic, like keeping the stock stuff????
  3. exactly what is axel wrap anyway????? , and i got a stock 5 spring pack now, i cant see how 1 little add a leaf is gonna make it that much harsh cuz its super soft now
  4. well i think ill just leave all 6 leafs in for strength but any ideas on how to get another inch or two outta the frony without different coils or drop brackets...coil spacers maybe????what will they do to the ride and height??? or anything els i could do...like coil/ shock tower??let me kno!
  5. the springs i got have 5 leafs in them but they are out of a stock 95 bronco and im gonna put the addaleaf in them, so with them springs and addaleaf do you think it will look dumb sitting a little higher in the ass end??? i have 4 12 inch subs and in 2 boxes with 3 amps in the rear so thats a some weight to push it down so it might just even out....so what do you think
  6. no im not gonna do anything with the shackels i just wanna get a tru 6 inches without going over too much, like if the 6 inch blocks with the add a leaf are gonna push the ass end up i dont want it to look like a dragste i just want it to have 6 so it sits level
  7. OK heres my question, i have stock leaf springs with 6 inch blocks. I bought an Add-A-Leaf for the rear springs and its supposed to give 1-2 inches of lift. The springs i got now are the stock origional ones and are sagging. So i got another set of non sagging springs from another bronco and put the add a leaf in them.. My question is that isnt the truck gonna have 7-8 inches of lift in the rear now...and to get 6 would i use a 4 inch block with the add a leaf???? anyone got any advice...please hit me up
  8. a cheap way to gain 1-4 inches is a body lift, they are usually less that 100 bucks, and u can cram 33's under a stock bronco or if u do the body lift u can clear 35's easy....but i stress u do what i did...suspension lift and dont get blocks for the rear, get lifted leaf springs and a 4 inch body too, i got 10 total and clear 38's with ease...any other questions feel free to hit me up
  9. o yea and 1 more thing.....dont do what i did and do the exhaust before the big class 4 hitch....cuz i had to move my tailpipes outward away fron the frame and if u look u can see they hang a little low and they used to hang right at the body.....oops
  10. I had the exhaust ran down the same side(passenger side)...i found the with shorty hedders and 2 1/4 in pipes to 2 cats and 2 30 series flowmaster mufflers with 2 1/2 in tailpipes wioth big 4 inch chrome tips is a great thing to do lol...i got more torque and top end plus it sounds great and looks even better...i reccomend the 90 degree tailpipes so u can hear yourself rumble on and off road.....
  11. change your mass air sensor throttle positioning sensor and air idle speed sensor and run a few bottles of injector cleaner through it
  12. This is my 1989 Ford Bronco, its a nice truck and holds its own offroad. EFI 302 4:10 gears with posi. 6 inch skyjacker suspension lift and 4 inch body. Tru duals with flowmasters and shorty hedders, and rollin on 38's......Let me kno what ya think.....
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