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  1. Hey thanks once again for all your help AL i will let you know how it goes and definitely post pictures after im done.... hopefully this fixes it and I can move onto the next fix
  2. I do have the E4OD ...and Not right now AL I mean as with any vehicle you learn the kinks and stuff and when I drive sometimes it shifts good sometimes it jerks so bad I don’t drive it all . So as of right now it’s sitting until I find a remedy for this problem
  3. Thanks AL for the quick response I didn’t notice you replied till today i should have turned on notifications but I’ve attached the ID tags if this helps .... I’ve had my 95 bronco for about 10 years now and I’m probably never letting go of it ... so I’m trying to bring it back to life ... swapped out the rear end a couple years ago becuz my old rear def completely destroyed itself so I was lucky to pluck this out of a 86 ford bronco I believe but the problem was it didn’t have the speed sensor so I’ve been running without it ever since ...
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