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  1. When I bought this Bronco the seller told me the transmission has a issue, he wasnt sure if it is toast or just needs "something". The truck moves forward and reverse, drove onto the trailer when I picked it up. Drives around my yard. Last night I decided I was going to take it down to my local gas station and put some fresh gas in it. It started out fine , then it started to act up. It takes off in first ok, then when its time to shift into 2nd ,it just kicks into neutral, there is no 2nd there, if I let off the throttle , it will shift into 2nd, and if I'm real easy on the gas pedal , it will continue on. If i step on the gas pedal I lose 2nd again. I thought it would have the E4OD in it because its a 1989, but it doesnt. I was just under looking at the trans and its a square pan , 14 bolt, so it has to be a AOD or AODE trans. This truck has had a lot of money put into it at some time in its life. A lot of things have been changed , the motor is painted orange (had to of been out) , it has headers on it with duals all the way back , the 3in lift, had all K&N filters(gone), starter looks new, HAD a huge stereo system at one time, Looks as though it had a visor on it. Somebody really cared for this thing at one time , then it got parked. Maybe the dude died who owned it...seen that before. Anyways I think the trans has been changed or maybe it came with it , I'll wait for one of you guys to tell me what was in the 89's. Any idea on the tranny issue would be appreciated.
  2. Yes it's an 89 and I'm in 32955 zip
  3. Repaired rear window with junk yard switch, installed new radiator and shroud, had to fab up some brackets for the shroud because of the body lift.....now I realize why it didnt have a shroud. Replaced the missing rear carpet with new foam and a Home depot piece of carpet.$19. Putting a new radio in it then off to the paint booth. Painting it back to original scarlet red and tan. Still havent tested the transmission , gonna save that for last. Found another one that the guy said he'd sell me for $400. Going to go look at it this weekend.
  4. Yes . it's a 1989. Thanks for the manuals.
  5. Just found this survivor on facebook marketplace and the guy made me a deal i couldn't refuse. $800 plus a old generator. He was asking $1500 for it , I made him the offer and he took it. He said that there is something wrong with the tranny , but it works fine. He had it in low range and I dont think he knew what he was doing. Anyway this thing has hardly any rust , which is why I bought it. small spots under the sill plates and a little spot on the passenger door. Everywhere else is solid, even the tail gate. it does need a little attention here and there , but no big issues anywhere. They have the rear window wire running thru the truck , out the side window , to the battery.....gotta fix that. Radio and ac dont work and she needs a new radiator and shroud. They also painted the top half of it black . Im going to repaint the whole truck back to Red and tan. It's definitely worth the repaint. It's got a 3 in body lift on it and dual exhaust already. I'll probably be asking for some help on here when I run into something I'm not familiar with. I think it was a good deal, what do you think?
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