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  1. I might not have explained it right as I'm a noobie. my truck switches into 4h just fine. I hear the system click and switch into 4h from 2h no problem. While in neutral I push 4l and it just blinks. On my dash my gear shifter is stuck. It looks like this with the ! representing where the gear indicator has always been stuck. P R N D D ! It has been since I've had it. It has a rebuilt tranny and I think it's a E4OD. I could be totally wrong, and I'll look through all my trucks paperwork to make sure I'm right.
  2. Im new here so sorry if this has been discussed but I didnt see it. My gear shifter has been stuck on neutral (off center of neutral) since getting the truck. My 4x4 works fine however when attempting to get into 4 low it just flashes. I have electronic shift for my 4x4, but manual locking hubs. I've made sure my hubs are locked prior to shifting. Could the shift indicator not being full on neutral or working at all be a possible reason for 4 low not engaging? Thanks!
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