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  1. Cant adjust my timing

    I appreciate the advice but my redneck duck tape setup seems to have worked lol
  2. Cant adjust my timing

    Ok, pretty sure the TB is good and IAC is good.(cleaned it out for good measure) I sprayed B-12 almost everywhere under the hood and could not find any vacuum leaks. For now I'm going back to the only code I pulled which was #34. Voltage checks out excellent on EVP and Vacuum regulator. So far I've replaced the egr valve,vacuum regulator,evp,egr tube,vacuum lines, and the vacuum resivour... The only possible thing I can think of is that maybe the EVP and the egr valve arnt fitting and the little pin in the EVP isn't hitting the one in the EGR Valve. I purchased the duralast egr valve at autozone and for some reason the employee was being difficult and said they did not sell an EVP. So I went to Napa and bought a BWD brand EVP and was still pulling code 34... Do you think maybe there is a brand difference here that's preventing the EVP from making contact with the EGR?I seem to remember reading on one of the countless egr threads that brand difference can be an issue.... I've recently found out that they DO sell a Duralast EVP at autozone so I'm going to order one today. ...
  3. Cant adjust my timing

    Sorry about the delay. It's been Murphys law working on this truck. What I didn't realize in my last post is that there was a nylon fuel line inside of the rubber "fuel line". I got that all patched up and no more leaks. Truck is still running like shit though. Managed to get the "spark knock" to disappear but advancing the timing to all ost 30 degrees (it's the only way to keep it running) I've also still got a flucuating idle issue. I just got done reading into one of the vacuum leak troubleshooting guides you linked and I think I have figured out my problem. My throttlebody is sucking a huge amount of air in idle! From my understanding the plates shouldn't be letting air through , the IAC should be the only thing getting air right? When I cover the bores the engine stars to slow down and sputter. Maybe I ruined that Teflon coating when I cleaned it? I'll take it apart tommorow and see if I can see what's going on with the plates.
  4. Cant adjust my timing

    So I removed the Alan wrench and changed out my lower intake gasket. It took awhile because the 2 front bolts on the lower intake busted. It looked like whoever worked on this before me filled the the threading located in the heads with some sort of silicone/jb weld. Had to drill and tap. So I got everything put back together and fired her up. Immediately smelled gas and found the disconnect line leading to the rail (under the FPR) was leaking a copious amount of gasoline. It's snapped in and secure. It looks like the leak is coming from the back of the stupid disconnect connector thing. I'm about to get a ride to autozone to get some hose clamps and I'll see if that will work for the time being. Any idea on how to replace the bugger? The fuel line WILL NOT come off the connecter/thing on the back. Almost feels like there is a spring or something holding the fuel line on....
  5. Long story short, I just changed my egr tube and was about to start putting the upper intake back on when I thought I would make sure my FPR was on tight enough. That's when I dropped my Alan wrench down one of the runners....like a dumbass I didn't cover the lower intake up lol. So I pulled the lower Intake out to retrieve that little bastard and I decided to pull the valve covers to clean/change gaskets. That's when I noticed that there was a large amount of build up under the P/S valve cover and the valves were extremely dirty. However the D/S was extremely clean. Like suspiciously clean... Any ideas? Bad headgasket? Thanks for helping a noob. Bought my bronco almost 2 years ago and havnt looked back since
  6. Cant adjust my timing

    After looking at the cost of new injectors I have changed my mind lol. Do you guys have any recommendations for which company I should go with for a rebuild kit?
  7. Cant adjust my timing

    I ended up getting it out. There was a bunch of gunk in the head so I just hammered the t40 bit on it a little and it came out easy. But unfortunately I had a dumbass moment.... I was just getting ready to put everything back together when I decided to make sure my FPR was on tight enough.Then I dropped my damn Alan wrench down one of the runners in the intake Now I've got to take my freaking lower intake out. I'm thinking about just changing out the fuel rail and injectors since I'm going to have to pull it off anyway. Looks like it's gonna be a few more days before I get it running again. Do you guys recommend cleaning out the fuel rail/bar or getting a new one?
  8. Cant adjust my timing

    Anyone got any advice for removing the torque bolt on the upper intake? I can fit in and everything I just can't get the sob to budge. I've got it soaking in pb blaster and wd 40 atm. I'm worried I'm going to strip it if I keeping trying
  9. Cant adjust my timing

    I'll give that a shot tommorow mo4nig
  10. Cant adjust my timing

    No its duralast. I go to autozone because they have the best rewards program. You actually get points when renting tools too XD I would love to stick with motorcraft but I'm just broke at the moment :/
  11. Cant adjust my timing

    Nope, and you will never guess what brand it is XD
  12. Cant adjust my timing

    Also I'm pretty sure I figured out why my truck is stalling out and acting out of time. When I bought the new distributor it came with a new tfi,rotor,and cap. I chose not to trust the TFI and i Kept the one I recently purchased. Turns out the contact point on the rotor decided to break and move freely back and forth. I'm about to head to autozone and get a replacement.
  13. Cant adjust my timing

    Ok that makes sense. I ordered a new one online for $20(it was $50-70 in store) I tested the vacuum canister and it would not hold vacuum. Just ordered another one online as none of the parts stores around me had it in theyre system. Hopefully this will do the trick... I'm in the process of removing the upper intake so I can replace the egr tube but I think I must not be seeing a bolt somewhere, I've only been able to find 5......either that or I just need to pry the bugger off lol. I'll take a look at my master catalog for a blowup diagram.
  14. Cant adjust my timing

    Here are some pictures of the tube. I assume it's suppose to be 2 pieces right?
  15. Cant adjust my timing

    Only other thing I've noticed is that I can see some exhaust leaking out of the tube leading to the intake. Does that count as a vacuum leak (sorry about the "noobness")