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  1. if you ever find that site forward it to me at xess17x@aol.com. i have the same year and looking to put on the same lift
  2. i came across someone who was selling a four door bronco. i never knew these existed. and i have to say they look really weird. just felt like posting this and seeing if anyone else has seen these rare broncos,
  3. i want to do the same to my 86 bronco with the 302 in it. i want to increase its power. does anyone know where i can find a k&N set up for my bronco or even a cold air intake? if so please respond
  4. im looking to put on some headers for my 1986 bronco. it has a 302 and i was wondering wat set of headers i should get. give me a few sites if u fin dany. i already found the ones at broncograveyard.com. i want them to last forever so im looking for the lifttime ones. thank you
  5. well let me rephrase what i siad, im limited to about $400 or $500 dollars, so if there is anything in that price range that i could do to beef up the hp in my bronco. so the heads of the lincoln will really work?
  6. i have a 86 bronco with a 5.0 302 engine. as for increasing the hp and performance for my bronco, what whould you guys do to it. i was thinking about putting some life time headers in it, but do u guys have any other sugestions? im a 18 yr old student so the money really aint flowing in right now, lol, so keep that inmind. throw in som ewebsites if u feel like it.
  7. xess17x

    New To BZ

    i've had my bronco for about 6 months and really havent done anything to it except the basic shit. and i was wondering wati should do to it. i will eventualy get a 4' suspension lift on it and some 35' mud tires, but besides that i was wondering what you guys would do to it. im tlaking like roll bars or taking off the top and making it into a truck, things like that. i just want ideas. pictures would be great as well . thanks
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