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  1. Engine Acc. Brackets

    why in the world would you want to go with that much a smaller engine? just rebuild the 351
  2. 87 Bronco 351 auto manual hubs let me run this by you guys, see if i understand it correctly in order to shift from 2H to 4H i need to lock both front hubs what would happen if i run the transfer case in 4H with the hubs free? will it just act as a "open rear end" spinning whatever wheel has the least traction, or will this cause actual damage? and i guess the same goes for running with the front hubs locked in 2H, any negative effects of this?
  3. hard top weatherstripping

    mhhh, who to listen to? some joker on the internet, of the manufacturer of the product you're installing?
  4. hey guys, i would love to add a wiper delay set up to my 87 bronco does anyone have the switch and box kicking around? (ive seen a few on ebay, but they want the moon for them) thanks
  5. getting a plow on her

    ill have to run back by the installer after 500 miles just to check torque on all bolts, so i will definitely ask him i dont feel it tipping on right hand turns , only on left the plow is level, and i dont see how it would be off balance ill have to give this one some thought
  6. getting a plow on her

    thanks miesk im not sure if any of that would be a possible issue 90% of what you listed is part of the suspension, and with the lift kit installed, that is all new, or recently inspected except maybe the "distorted split front suspension bumper" but i know this isnt an aesthetic issue, i can feel it tipping, while i drive it i wonder, im pretty sure my mechanic pitched the front sway bar (the rear one was gone when i bough the truck) because it didnt work with the lift kit i wonder if thats the issue?
  7. getting a plow on her

    well, here she is (i also had my mechanic install a 4 inch rough country lift to keep the fenders off the tires with the plow on) took her for a test run, cleaned up my own driveway, the sherrifs driveway and the church's parking lot (that one took a while) now, one thing ive noticed is that when i turn to the left, the truck dips im sure it has something to do with the lift, but i dont know what...it might be just one of the quirks of a the double beam suspension? (i tried uploading some pictures but its a no-go, on both the uploaders)
  8. seat option

    one single lever? i have one single lever on the passenger side, but not the the drivers if i want to tilt the back i need to pull one lever, and to slide it forward is another lever the interior is definitely stock way too old and all matching to be replace
  9. seat option

    well,, it slides forward, but i be surprised if it slide more then 5 inches it seems to slide enough to adjust the seat for short people to reach the pedals, not for kids to reach the back seat
  10. getting a plow on her

    thanks, but im pretty sure the issue was in the solenoid (after i replaced that, everything worked as designed) the key does jump back out of "start" to "run" aswell and for the alternator...turns out when i swapped out the starter solenoid, i failed to attach ONE wire to the positive lug again i dont think i need to tell you guys which one
  11. getting a plow on her

    thanks skitter, but im going to pass on those for now fact is, i had the bronco scheduled for a 4 inch lift earlier this fall, while my mechanic replaced a busted torque converter turned out the transmission was shot, and that took most of his time, and most of my budget to fix, so even though it is not ideal now, im getting her lifted in the spring as soon as his schedule clear out (this guy is a big mudracer and knows his stuff, im sure once he picks a lift kit for me, he will adjust the front end to make up for the added weight of the plow) so, for now, this will have to do in the mean time, i got the final piece of the puzzle on this last brace was a real challenge, partly because it looks like it might should have gone on first, and i kinda did it last there are two ears that bolt up to the frame (i pushed them snug up against the sway bar mount) these were the only new holes i had to drill (not counting the ones for the front bumper) once these are one, they bolt to the cross member which then goes toward the bottom of the lift frame and ties it all together it looks like this is the piece that triangulates the pressure form the impact of pushing snow to the frame of the truck, and keeps the lift frame from folding under the truck i know the bolts i used look small, but they are in fact small block mopar motor mount bolts, and the same bolts hold my nearly 500 foot pound 408 in my duster, so they should do the trick i also got the high beams wired in , but i think those are the only (good) bulbs i have in there, ill have to check that once it stops raining while working on it, i ran into a weird problem i think my starter solenoid checked out on me i went to move the truck and when i turned the key i heard the click click click you would expect with a dead battery then when i let go of the key, the truck started cranking over i turned the ignition off and it kept cranking it didnt stop cranking untill i pulled the positive wire from the solenoid (the big one from the battery, not the little one from the ignition, i pulled that one first, and it just kept cranking) at any rate, i replace the solenoid and it starts again as it should BUT now the battery light on the dash is on, and the battery is not charging (there is no difference in voltage measured over the battery with the engine running or of) i presume i fried the alternator ? i got it pulled of the morning, and ill have it checked out over at autozone later tonite, but i figured id see what you guys have to say
  12. getting a plow on her

    well, the diagram is only for the pump, and since i dont think you would be very likely to find this pump with a used plow, but i do think it would make an excellent replacement if you end up with a plow that needs a pump (or if you like the idea of mounting the pump under the hood, out of the elements) so, the guys at Smiths Brothers identified my pump as a monarch 693 http://centralparts.com/snowplow-and-salt-spreader-parts/snowplow-parts/hydraulic-snowplow-power-packs/monarch-power-packs/monarch-power-pack-w-control-box/10958/ then, i called the guys at Monarch, and they emailed me a few different PDF files, one of which being a 54 page wiring diagram for all their power units, and different control boxes on page 7 i found the pump i had (since the controll box was wired in allready so no need to skip to page 36) i wired it up following the diagram as it was on page 7 and all is well (i can email the PDF file if you're interested, but it is too big to attach)
  13. getting a plow on her

    got her up and running the only thing that is not working as it should is the angle when i hit the button, i can hear the pump running, so it has to be a valve issue ill double check my wires and see where we are i drilled a few extra mounting holes to get the bumper back on (see pic) it put the bumper up a little higher and looks better then the stock mounting location and it doesnt look half bad its only on with two bolts but its kind of a moot point with the plow in front anyway i also attached some pics of the pump mount its not as fancy as i would have wanted, but with the limited tools i have, it will have to do
  14. getting a plow on her

    well i got the frame on i still need the cross member, but i will have to ponder what to do there i think i might be able to buy a few sections of angle iron, and bolt it on, to complete the triangle (but i will worry about that later) i also managed to get the bumper back on (sorry, no pics, by the time i got that one, the kids had ran off with my phone) it is just sitting on there right now, and i dont like the way it sits i either need to figure out a different way to mount it, or use it as an excuse to buy a fabricated bumper...but if i go that route, it will need to be a one off, in order to make it line up with the wheel wells (the lift frame mounts in between the truck and the bumper, pushing the bumper forward a few inches) tomorrow i will finish up mounting the pump (i got it moved over now, and in the final place) then i will solder the wiring back up, and run some heat shrink tube over it if i can muster up the testicular fortitude to get the moldboard off the trailer tomorrow i think i can pretty near finish her up
  15. getting a plow on her

    progress progress progress i got the mount for the pump fabbed up (man that was fun, i love fabwork) it doesnt look pretty because the only tools i had on hand were a bench vise, a hand held drill and a cut off wheel but it sure looks sturdy i got the pump mocked up but i got to move her over an inch or so to make sure the hood hinge doesnt rub up against the hose i also wired in 4 of the six wires, this is enough to power the pump, and lift it, but not to angle the blade (the angle cylinders are still mounted to the blade and i didnt want to risk shooting hydraulic oil everywhere) the lift cylinder is mounted to the lift frame and is now part of the truck, so i tried that out, and we got lift im very excited about that because i dont like electronics very much and i was a little intimidated by trying to wire this up i need to run to the store and get some nuts and bolts i should be able to finish most of it up tomorrow (except for the lights, in still waiting on switches and relays to show up) the last hurdle will be the cross member i think i know how it goes, and i think i need to cut a section of it out, but im not looking forward to doing that with my little cut off wheel if i ever figure out how to resize pictures ill post some up oh, and if there was any doubt left this plow came off an F150...i just placed the control box on my armrest and the old, non plyable wireloom followed the contours of the floor perfectly it looks like it has been there all its life