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    trying to get this junker 87 bronco with a cobbled up 85 351 to run like a decent truck

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  1. ill crawl under there and check the tranny later, C6 also sounds right the current issue is a combination of backfiring through the carb and stalling, specially when cold under load this is a plow truck, i only need it when its cold out, and i dont need it to cruise, i need it to work
  2. hey guys this truck has let me down for the last time, and i need to get rid of it in order to do what i should have done in the first place...buy a dodge the truck is an 87 with a 351 and C4 transmission, both of which have been rebuild over the last year the truck runs and drives but likes to stall out when cold it is located in Holland MI and i'd like to get $7000.00 for it the truck comes with a meyers plow PM me for pictures, i tried to upload them, but in true ford fashion, that dont work like it should either
  3. forgot to ask, with the 3G alternator, i do not need to hook the existing wires up?
  4. Thanks skit, I'll look into that (I like the idea of an off the shelf unit)
  5. hey guys, i want to upgrade the alternator on my 87 351 bronco if i get a single wire alternator, do i just run a 4 gauge wire from the stud to the starter relay and leave all the other wires hanging? (i am plowing with this truck, and the hydraulics take a lot of juice) thanks
  6. hey guys the heat in the bronco used to really cook the thermostat housing has been leaking for a while, an i finally got that fixed, but not the heat isnt as hot as it used to be (blows the same wind, just colder) the way the upper coolant hose (which gets warm, but not scolding) is routed, the highest part of the coolant system is right in that hose, so im guessing i got an air bubble in there, perhaps somewhere else? i tried burping the system by running it with the cap loose, and off and that didnt do me much
  7. Thank you sir It was indeed the ignition For the time being I ran a wire from the fuss panel to a push button to the relay I might properly fix it come spring, but this should get me through winter
  8. Hey guys I did my first big snow of the season yesterday and the bronco did fine Today I went to start it and nothing happened I can lay a screwdriver across the posts on the relay and she'll fire right up (This is with the ignition in "run" I didn't try any other positions) Is there an easy way to tell if my ignition switch or my starter relay is the culprit?
  9. thanks miesk i checked with the guy that rebuild the tranny last year, he said merc/dexron so i added about 3 quarts of that and all seems well ill let het settle for a while and check again next time i take her out as far as the site goes, all is running smooth here
  10. mhh, ill have to look into that later right now, im not registering any fluid on the dipstick, i guess it got sucked through the modulator into the engine ? what does this take, just off the shelf ATF?
  11. been out of town for a few days, but i got back yesterday and got the modulator installed, and the kickdown cable in place trying to get the kickdown set up, it looks like the shaft the the kickdown lever (on the transmission side) is mounted on spins ill have a closer look as soon as i get a chance, but that doesnt sound right, does it?
  12. I'm not sure if my 87 should have a cable or a linkage, but since all of if is missing (except for the lever on the transmission) I figured putting in an aftermarket cable would be the easiest Specially since I'm also running an aftermarket intake and carb I got a lokar kit on my duster, and I'm running a Holley on that as well, so it should be pretty simple to get that hooked up
  13. thanks miesk, i tried picking one up local, but you know how that goes ended up ordering one online, should be here friday i also noticed there isnt a kickdown linkage on the truck so i ordered a lokar style cable aswell
  14. i would do some measuring and go to the junkyard, perhaps something from a blazer would fit? im running a air dam from a ranger on my duster and it fits pretty wel
  15. Thanks I pulled the vacuum hose of and got 16-17 inches of vacuum and a small stream of fluid The only way for fluid to get up there is through the (broken) modulator, Correct? Is this the right replacement ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-C-6-TRANSMISSION-VACUUM-MODULATOR-BLACK-STRIPE-PUSH-IN-1973-UP/253596332726?hash=item3b0b84f2b6:g:8csAAOSw0vBUhNhF
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