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    trying to get this junker 87 bronco with a cobbled up 85 351 to run like a decent truck

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  1. diymirage

    clunk clunk clunk

    took a while, but i got it figured out i knocked the gear selector from 7/8th of the way between 4H and 2H all the way into 2 H and all is well
  2. no kidding i got a roll bar in there, and since the truck has lap belts in the stock backseat, and 3 point belts in the third row, i think got the safety part covered im really excited to find a few people have walked this path before cant wait to get started on it i guess the biggest hurdle will be choosing the upholstery shop to use
  3. thought i would share this here i came across these pics somehwere else, its not my top, but it is exactly what i am going for
  4. hey guys, i picked up a second top for my bronco yesterday once i determine which one has the best seals, i will knock the glass out of the other one and make it a "summer top" i also want to cut a hole in the roof, and then make a custom "tonneau cover" in case i get caught in the rain so, anything i need to know before i start this project?
  5. diymirage

    clunk clunk clunk

    thanks, will do
  6. diymirage

    clunk clunk clunk

    thanks Miesk, but the noise is coming from way down low, by the front wheel in fact, its the inside wheel (doesnt matter which way i turn)
  7. diymirage

    installing rear wheelstuds

    hey guys i had a bit of adverse luck with my bronco today and i need some advice i lost a wheel, snapped off one stud and galled up the other four i going to replace them all BUT i do not want to pull the axleshaft out (it a rear one) now, there is enough room there with the backing plate still installed that i can feed the studs in from the back normally i would use a press or a BFH to seat them, but i cant do that with the axle still in can i put a few washers down and just use a lugnut to draw it in? or do you guys have a different trick ?
  8. diymirage

    clunk clunk clunk

    thats how the front end sounds when i turn slowly oh, and add some scraping to that as well now, i know this is a very broad description, but does it sound familiar to anyone?
  9. diymirage

    tires rubbing the radius arms

    never mind , one of my mopar buddies pointed out there are steering stops in the knuckles, so i just adjusted those out
  10. hey guys, here is an issue ive been dealing with since i bought the bronco, which is an 87 before i reach full turn, the tires rub the radius arms i have no idea how much interference there is, and this is where you guys comes in the tires are 295/75-16s on rims with 4 inches of backspacing now, since i dont know what "should" fit, i dont know if i need rims with more backspacing, or if i can slap a 3/16th space behind there? or should i get some of those bolt on 2 inch spacers? that would fix it for sure, but i dont know if i trust them or not
  11. diymirage

    upper radiator hose

    So what your saying is...i started a trend? I think that 5/8 hose actually has 2 different I D s, so keep an eye on it
  12. diymirage

    upper radiator hose

    Yup, did that too Still leaking, so I bought an o ring water neck Should be here by Friday
  13. diymirage

    upper radiator hose

    thanks SKitter, i went throught all the steps to get it right blocked the neck and the intake side to make sure nothing was warped mocked it up without washers to make sure the bolts werent bottoming out lines up the gasket with the intake, then filpped it over and lined it up with the waterneck to find out the bypass hose nipple was off by a bit, enough to leave hardly any meat for the gasket to seal on switched it our for a carquest version and everything seemed good for a few days went for a little ride yesterday, and found more water on top of the timing cover i will double check everything is tight, but it if is, im putting on a water neck with O rings
  14. diymirage

    3rd row options

    got the third row in if it ever stop raining ill toss up some pics i decided to use square U bolts instead of door strikers, because it was one less thing to buy it all went pretty easy once i dropped the gas tank to get at the nuts in the back
  15. diymirage

    upper radiator hose

    Not quite, the Water neck is leaking Not pouring, about a drip every 2 seconds at idle I guess I'll tear it apart tomorrow and only use rtv instead of a papergasket with a thin coat of rtv like I did this time