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  1. 3rd row options

    is there any way you can link the thread on the yukon seats? i cant open it on a side rant, i hate dealing with craigslist "vendors" there is a guy selling a 3rd row seat from a yukon 5 miles from me and he wont reply my emails, or text
  2. 3rd row options

    im sure this is covered before but i have a few specifics that i want to clear up so the main problem is family size, we got 3 kids and grandma, makes 6 of us at first i thought i would put a third row in like the cool old station wagons, facing backwards the genius of this idea is of course accessibility, i could put grandma and the baby on the second row, drop the tailgate and have the older kids climb in the back the wife seems to think a rearward facing 3rd row is dangerous, so we 86th that idea, but i did get the OK to put it in facing the front a second concern i have is visibility this is my plow truck and i tend to drop the rear window and look out there while backing up...and i do a lot of backing up when plowing so i want something that wont block my view i guess i should also mention seatbelts i probably should have them so far, i have seen someone use 2 sets of tahoe 3rd row seats (one as a 2nd, and one as a 3rd row) and i think those will fit the bill (but maybe not the budget) what are you guy's thoughts on this?
  3. top weight and removal

    thanks guys that is exactly what i had in mind, except, i cant run the two 2x4s underneath it because of the roll cage thats what i liked about the bike lifts, they seem to have little hooks that i thought might fit under the top
  4. top weight and removal

    im trying to come up with a way to remove the top on my own without breaking my back (i have a rolcage in the bronco, so i cant go underneath) so, first of, what does it weigh? im thinking of buying two of these and mounting them to the rafters if i put the pulleys closer then the top is wide, it should pinch and tighten as it goes up, no? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lift-Bike-Bicycle-Ceiling-Mount-Pulley-Hoist-Rack-Garage-Storage-Hooks-Hanger/172387478223?epid=15016215841&hash=item2823182acf:g:EakAAOSwhfhZwdwu i figured the hooks can catch on the drip edge by the windows thoughts?
  5. I like it with the bench seat

    what year and model did this come out of?
  6. spline count

    anyone have a make and model limited slip they can recommend?
  7. spline count

    thanks guys im not too well versed on fords, and i would hate to buy the wrong one, that have the truck tied up for a week while i wait on the rest but, as long as we know for sure the bronco always got the 31 spline axles, that all i need to know
  8. spline count

    hey guys im going to have my mechanic install a sure grip (or whatever ford called it) into my bronco but i need to know what spline count i have the truck is an 87 bronco, with a 351, and 8.8 with 3.55 gears (option 19 on the door tag) is there any way to tell if i have a 28 or 31 spline count axle? (short of ripping it apart) thanks guys
  9. Engine Acc. Brackets

    why in the world would you want to go with that much a smaller engine? just rebuild the 351
  10. 87 Bronco 351 auto manual hubs let me run this by you guys, see if i understand it correctly in order to shift from 2H to 4H i need to lock both front hubs what would happen if i run the transfer case in 4H with the hubs free? will it just act as a "open rear end" spinning whatever wheel has the least traction, or will this cause actual damage? and i guess the same goes for running with the front hubs locked in 2H, any negative effects of this?
  11. hard top weatherstripping

    mhhh, who to listen to? some joker on the internet, of the manufacturer of the product you're installing?
  12. hey guys, i would love to add a wiper delay set up to my 87 bronco does anyone have the switch and box kicking around? (ive seen a few on ebay, but they want the moon for them) thanks
  13. getting a plow on her

    ill have to run back by the installer after 500 miles just to check torque on all bolts, so i will definitely ask him i dont feel it tipping on right hand turns , only on left the plow is level, and i dont see how it would be off balance ill have to give this one some thought
  14. getting a plow on her

    thanks miesk im not sure if any of that would be a possible issue 90% of what you listed is part of the suspension, and with the lift kit installed, that is all new, or recently inspected except maybe the "distorted split front suspension bumper" but i know this isnt an aesthetic issue, i can feel it tipping, while i drive it i wonder, im pretty sure my mechanic pitched the front sway bar (the rear one was gone when i bough the truck) because it didnt work with the lift kit i wonder if thats the issue?
  15. getting a plow on her

    well, here she is (i also had my mechanic install a 4 inch rough country lift to keep the fenders off the tires with the plow on) took her for a test run, cleaned up my own driveway, the sherrifs driveway and the church's parking lot (that one took a while) now, one thing ive noticed is that when i turn to the left, the truck dips im sure it has something to do with the lift, but i dont know what...it might be just one of the quirks of a the double beam suspension? (i tried uploading some pictures but its a no-go, on both the uploaders)