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    trying to get this junker 87 bronco with a cobbled up 85 351 to run like a decent truck

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  1. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    thanks miesk i checked with the guy that rebuild the tranny last year, he said merc/dexron so i added about 3 quarts of that and all seems well ill let het settle for a while and check again next time i take her out as far as the site goes, all is running smooth here
  2. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    mhh, ill have to look into that later right now, im not registering any fluid on the dipstick, i guess it got sucked through the modulator into the engine ? what does this take, just off the shelf ATF?
  3. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    been out of town for a few days, but i got back yesterday and got the modulator installed, and the kickdown cable in place trying to get the kickdown set up, it looks like the shaft the the kickdown lever (on the transmission side) is mounted on spins ill have a closer look as soon as i get a chance, but that doesnt sound right, does it?
  4. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    I'm not sure if my 87 should have a cable or a linkage, but since all of if is missing (except for the lever on the transmission) I figured putting in an aftermarket cable would be the easiest Specially since I'm also running an aftermarket intake and carb I got a lokar kit on my duster, and I'm running a Holley on that as well, so it should be pretty simple to get that hooked up
  5. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    thanks miesk, i tried picking one up local, but you know how that goes ended up ordering one online, should be here friday i also noticed there isnt a kickdown linkage on the truck so i ordered a lokar style cable aswell
  6. diymirage

    87-91 Front Bumper

    i would do some measuring and go to the junkyard, perhaps something from a blazer would fit? im running a air dam from a ranger on my duster and it fits pretty wel
  7. diymirage

    C6 transmission not engaging

    Thanks I pulled the vacuum hose of and got 16-17 inches of vacuum and a small stream of fluid The only way for fluid to get up there is through the (broken) modulator, Correct? Is this the right replacement ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/FORD-C-6-TRANSMISSION-VACUUM-MODULATOR-BLACK-STRIPE-PUSH-IN-1973-UP/253596332726?hash=item3b0b84f2b6:g:8csAAOSw0vBUhNhF
  8. hey guys i had this transmission rebuild last year, so it should be good lately its been not always wanting to go in gear at first i thought it was just converter drainback but today it did something weird it went into gear, and i drove a few yards, then when i went to back it up, nothing happened at this point it wouldnt go forward either i got under there, and best i can tell the linkage is good any thoughts whats going on here?
  9. diymirage

    quick wheel question (or two)

    thanks mieks i picked the wheels up this morning and everything went on smoothly the lugnuts i have i bought a while ago they have the proper taper on them, and are solid, not the ridiculous capped ones ford used it turns out the aluminum rims i had werent stock to begin with, and they have a larger center bore then my spare, but it is the same a the steelies i bought, so the centercaps swapped over i torqued them to 85 foot pounds, sound about right?
  10. diymirage

    quick wheel question (or two)

    Thanks, I'm pretty sure the rims I have now are 4 inches of backspace, the centerbore on my spare seems to be 3.5 inches I'm sure the wheels I'm looking at are aftermarket ones, so the centerbore I expect to be quite large Can I use the same lug nuts as I have for my aluminum wheels?
  11. hey guys right now i have 295/75-16s on the bronco (it an 87 i only use as a plow truck) i got a lead on a set of BFG A/Ts in 33/10.5-15s on steel rims (with them being over an inch narrower, im sure they will plow much better then the slicks i have on there now) the guys said he had bought them for a 74 Jeep CJ, so the bolt pattern should be 5X5.5 , just like the bronco the wheels look like aftermarket wheels, so im sure they are the biggest centerbore possible, but just for the record, what centerbore do i need? and can i use the same lugnuts on the steels wheels as i have been using on the aluminums? anything else to consider ? (im still waiting to hear back on the backspacing)
  12. diymirage

    clunk clunk clunk

    took a while, but i got it figured out i knocked the gear selector from 7/8th of the way between 4H and 2H all the way into 2 H and all is well
  13. no kidding i got a roll bar in there, and since the truck has lap belts in the stock backseat, and 3 point belts in the third row, i think got the safety part covered im really excited to find a few people have walked this path before cant wait to get started on it i guess the biggest hurdle will be choosing the upholstery shop to use
  14. thought i would share this here i came across these pics somehwere else, its not my top, but it is exactly what i am going for
  15. hey guys, i picked up a second top for my bronco yesterday once i determine which one has the best seals, i will knock the glass out of the other one and make it a "summer top" i also want to cut a hole in the roof, and then make a custom "tonneau cover" in case i get caught in the rain so, anything i need to know before i start this project?