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  1. Hi everyone, so I have an 86' bronco for starters and as the title implies I'm having trouble with the steering column/shaft and I have no clue where to begin so any help would be really appreciated. So the steering column works in the sense of the directions and If the wheel is in the down most position I cant just angle it up without using the column. However when it is angled up (as it needs to be for me to even get in) it takes no pressure at all and the wheel shaft falls down into the bottom most position without me needing to pull on the steering column. Has anyone else had this issue and can point me in the right direction?
  2. cowboy! my rear defroster is shot but i have no intent on fixing that, its a warm weather driver so no need. Good luck!
  3. miesk5,Thanks for all the Tips, and while in there i decided to by-pass the safety switch on the latch. But after all was said and done the real culprit was just a bunch of corroded wires around the plug that connects to the motor. So I just spliced the wires and put some new connections in there.
  4. New to the bronco zone! So I uncovered my 1986 Bronco XLT today for the season (exciting!) and while in the process of it decided to wind the rear window down...to which right away I got my first problem of the year. It wouldn't go back up, so after reading a little I found the quick fix of using 1/4 bolts to replace the broken plastic peaces in the motor (which was working...at the time). After putting the motor back in place it no longer ran. 1.The wires are getting power from the tail gate switch. 2. I have the drivers side latch in a position so the truck thinks the tail gate is closed. After removing and re-attaching the motor 3 times and pressing the tailgate buttons 1,001 time (definition of insanity) I decided to bypass the switch and jump the motor from another cars battery and it worked just fine. This "should of been" one hour project turned into an all day affair and ended up with my bronco back under a cover because I couldn't get the window back in and up. Help please!
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