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  1. Okay cool, thanks for clearing that up. I've already been in there, but I'll end up going again if it means I have a chance to fix that Tail light. Thank you for all of your help.
  2. Nah, I've replaced the Flasher Relay, (The large, round, two-pronged relay that turns on and off to facilitate flashing) but I'm looking for the Relays that control each rear Tail light to turn off the Stop light when the Turn Signal is on for that side. When I first started working on the Bronco, I noticed that the Blinker-Light 20-amp Fuse in the Fuse-box (I think it was 20-amp, may have been 15-amp) under the dash was replaced with a 25-amp. I don't know for sure if a burnt relay is the problem, but I really have little other choice. Further help would be greatly appreciated. Picture posted below specifying the aforementioned components.
  3. I checked all of the Grounding, and it's all clean and my Ohmmeter tells me that the Ground Wire is in fact grounded to the body. So I'm still searching... Hey, I need some other help too if you don't mind. I'm having difficulty with finding the Relays that control the Tail light/Stop lights for the rear. If you could just tell me where-about they are? I've had trouble locating them, and I think that one of those Relays may be burnt out, so help in this field would be a huge ground-breaker. Oh, and Thank you again for the Diagrams!
  4. Thank you for the Info! I've already started checking some of them, but the rest of the tips also give me "new ground to uncover." I've just cut out and replaced 3 sections of fried wire, and cut out a wire that was being pinched under the bolt on the Chassis. Still nothing, so I am grateful for the Diagrams and hope that they will help me resolve some of the issues.
  5. I have been working on my Ford '82 Bronco for a while now, and I'm buying it from my Dad once it's complete. But the only thing that's giving me trouble right now is the Taillights. The Problem has persisted for a while, and I'm running out of Options when it comes to fixing it. The Front Blinkers all work perfectly, the Nightlights on the Blinkers and Taillights all work, but here's where it differs. The Back-Right Taillight's Nightlight works, but will not flash when the signal-switch is signaling Right. The Front Blinker works just fine, but the Taillight doesn't. Neither does the Brake-light. The Back-Left Taillight nightlight will Light up, The Signals all work on that side, but the Brake-light doesn't. I've expended almost every option available, but to no avail. But I do have just one last possible fix to try. I've traced just about every single inch of the Cables, along with many other possible causes, but couldn't find anything. So I'm almost completely sure that it has to be a Relay that burned out. I'd hate to tear the Driver's Side apart to look for them, and I've got to wait to get to an Auto-Parts Store for the Tools necessary for removing the Steering Wheel, but regardless, I still need all the Help I can Get. I will take a look at the Relays once I get the chance, but any other suggestions will do a tremendous amount of help. Thank You in Advance! Edit: I've just cut out and replaced 3 sections of fried wire, and cut out a wire that was being pinched under the bolt on the Chassis. (Too rusty to remove, it's almost as solid as a Weld.) Still nothing. Edit: I cannot find where the Relays are, so any help on where-about they are would help tremendously! Edit: Finally, a Resolution! Well, I've managed to fix it! With some Willow-billy Wiring, I've rigged up a new wiring system that seems to work quite fine I recon. I'd discovered that the wire that goes from the Ignition to the Brake Switch was fried, and since I didn't have the time to figure out how to replace it, I just ran a wire from the Cigarette Lighter to the Brake Switch. I then ran a wire from the brake switch to both taillights with inline Diodes (which I rigged by modifying some inline Fuse Holders and curlin' the ends of the Diode to make it fit.) to keep the current from flowin' the right direction, and it worked! Then, I started working on the back-right Turn Signal Light. It was a bit easier because I ran a wire from the front Blinker to the Rear Taillight. Having the Brakes pressed, though, caused the Front Turn Signal to light up too, so I rigged another inline Diode (Once again, another modified Fuse-Holder) to direct the current to the Taillight, and Not back to the Front Signal. That was well and good, I mean that the Taillights and Stoplights worked separately, but when the Brakes were pressed at the same time that the Turn Signal was switched on the Brake Lights wouldn't flash on and off. So, I dug out some leftover 12-volt Relays from my project to create a Gauss Rifle (Which was Awesome by the way), and wired them up so that - when the Signal flashed Off, the Brake Lights would turn on, and when the Signal flashed On, the Brake Lights would turn off. Thus, Alaska's own Willowbilly Wiring! Now sure, it may be - well - "Unorthodox," but up here in Alaska - especially in Willow - you use what you have - including the parts and your own engineering - and you make due with it. I have to say, I'm not entirely happy with everything about it, (I mean, the Taillight clicks now!) but after crimping all the Wires, Shrink-Wrapping it and Sealing it with Silicone, I'd recon it'll last at least a good long while! Anyways, thanks to Seabronc for tellin' me what I needed to know to determine whether or not I was going to have a harder time fixing the actual wire, and I wish you the Best of Luck with your own Bronco. Well, I guess someday I might you on the Road! Here's a Health to the Company!
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