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  1. Hey guys, thanks in advance for any input I can get. I’ve been reading the archives, but I still can’t quite wrap my head around the best course of action. I have a 170 6 cyl with 105k 3 speed on the column, I have intended on just freshening up the 6 & enjoying the bronco with its limitations. “50mph” I only cruise, but would really like to add power steering, disc brakes & AC one day. I am trying to figure out the advantages to some v8 engine & transmission options. I may have a line on a 70s 302 with a c4 out of an EB. Is there a path of least resistance concerning engine & tranny combinations? Simple is better for me. Thanks Tim
  2. No..., the available bikini top kits have two piece hardware. One bolts to the factory holes on top on the W/S frame. The second (which locks firmly to the fabric top) slides under the first. This allows an air tight seal & no flutter. Farther back.., the top is affected by air-Flo Great! I like the sound of bolting to W/S frame as opposed to the snaps. "I may be better off just going to a boat canvas guy here in south FL." This is always an option. Better off would be questionable. Boat supply stores will have everything needed to build your own cross-bar to hold up the back of the top. It could be mounted & braced just as they are on boats. Or firmly attached to the bikini top itself. I will be buying from one of the usual suspects That said.., understand the bikini only provides some "high sun shade". For morning/evening.., it has little affect. It doesn't provide help for wind turbulence in the dr. passenger area. I'm just looking to protect this bald head from the harsh Florida sun☀️ I'm thinking I will fabricate a rib using either aluminum tubing or conduit. Attatch two larger size pieces of pipe probably to the bulkhead and slide the arched rib in and out as needed. We shall see? I will update as we go. Thanks again Tim
  3. thanks for the help, it already has some snaps installed across the front top of the window frame from wayyyy back. I will reach out to the usual suspects & see if any of their tops attachments match up to the spacing. I may be better off just going to a boat canvas guy here in south FL. I will update on progress. Tim
  4. Hey guys new member here, but I've been trolling for years. So I've got a great little 66 1/2 cab, we love just cruising around in. I'd like to be able to have a bikini top so I wouldn't have to put the cab on and off as much. What are my options? I'd rather not have a roll bar. I just use it to get my lab back and forth to the beach here in south FL. I'll update my specs and add some pictures soon. Thanks! T
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