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  1. Update in this one! Shes back on the ROAD! I had to just stick to the basics after trying to read everything you sent miesk5. It was just to much for a back yard grease monkey like me. It ran to good after the cam sensor was replaced then suddenly started miss firing again. The last thing I would have thought to check would have been anything related to the dizzy(since the cam sensor, rotor & cap, wires, and plugs was just replaced), but I decided to drop a new dizzy in and she’s up and running! BTW I figured out how to find #1 TDC(on the compression stroke). As follows for you all that don’t have a helping hand and pulled the distributor before marking TDC!(like me) Also strangely I saw no markings on the crank that lined up with the pointer for TDC. Anyway here’s how to find TDC by yourself without marking It prior to pulling! 1. Remove what you need to on front of engine(included but not limited to)belt, fan etc. so you can easily access the crank pulley bolt. 2. Remove the number one spark plug and screw in compression gauge 3. I laid under the truck on a creeper and had the compression gauge facing me from the top. I slowly started moving the crank with a long breaker bar over and over until I saw the Compression gauge needle pump up. It only went about 5 psi up but I knew at that point I was on the compression stroke. Immediately stop! At this point you know the Pistons on its way up And more importantly on the compression stroke..its roughly about a quarter to Half the way at this point. 4. Get the right length skinny screwdriver And go back up top and remove the compression gauge. Now reposition your socket and breaker bar in one hand on the crank and screwdriver in the spark plug hole touching the top of the piston in the other hand. Continue slowly moving the crank clockwise feeling the screwdriver move up(Be careful here and don’t get the screwdriver wedged sideways). When the screwdriver starts to go back down, stop and just reverse it ever so slightly and you’re basically at TDC(or real close), plenty close enough to drop a dizzy in. 5. Obviously at this point you get your dizzy ready. Point The rotor button towards number one contact in the dizzy and ease it down in place. Once it’s seated adjust the distributor so it’s dead lined up on #1 and put cap wires etc back together. 6. Put all the other engine crap back together, spark plug, etc, fire it up and adjust the distributor until she’s purring like a kitten. Anyway thanks again for the help, turns out the distributor needed replaced
  2. Really getting frustrated here guys. What started as a hard dead miss(which replacing the cam sensor in the distributor fixed!)...now a month Later after it ran great for roughly a month a slight miss started and has evolved into now it won’t even crank. It bucks and tries to pop off but like it’s out of timing. Ran codes, they are as follows- (P0401, which I have the eve tube capped off as well as the header plugged) (P0300, multiple misfire) (P0171, bank 1 to lean) Also with KOER test it said misfire detected great enough to damage the cat(which I pulled and checked and it’s perfectly fine). Last one is-Heated Oxygen sensor is lean, Fuel trim is at Rich I’ve thrown a lot of sensors at it, because they were originally so it’s OK no big deal replacing them, it’s just money. Here is a list of what I replace- IAC, MAF, O2 sensors, distributor cap and rotor, plug wires and plugs, ign coil, IGN control module(grey one) Lots of black soot in the intake(which I assume is because it’s running rich?) Pics of old plugs attached, And mind you those plugs are only about eight months old. Like I said I replace them anyway. I’m about replace the whole dam distributor for the heck of it! Compression tested great, all at 175-180 Im really just Running out of options and would appreciate any help! This thing ran perfect for 3 years prior to the first hard misfire and replacing the cam sensor. Which it ran great again after the sensor was replaced for about a month, then one day all of this other started. Thanks a bunch!
  3. So turns out only code is the EGR and that wouldn't cause what I have going on. I'm going to have a lead mechanic at a local shop drive it and see if he can at least determine if it's engine or Trany related. It's just weird. Runs great cold, after a while of pittling around town I hit it and it just tries to go but can't. Taking off(1st gearish) it's got power fine, but sluggish and smothered beyond that.
  4. Why does it run and shift perfectly until I've drove it for a few hours, then after a few hours of pittling around town or leaving idling for a while,,when I hit it out on main road it's like it cant accelerate however the engine seems to have the power... It's like a miss or Trany not catching...it just won't down shift and hook up...I can baby the throttle a get it up to 60mph. All the while taking off from a green light seems to have the romp..just when I lay the throttle down its like its smothered. Rpms are getting up but no acceleration I can let it sit over night and drive it in morning and she will flat out get it!
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