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  1. Post us some pics of your engine, and maybe one of the Quick 4 module installation in the cabin?
  2. How did your Quick 4 programming go? If you dont mind, I would like for you to download the shift curve and email it to me. I am trying a few different curves (you can pre-program up to 4 of them, and select as necessary) Rod
  3. Thanks Fred. I already ordered all the parts and glass from Bronco Graveyard though. Best Wishes to all
  4. Thanks. The last time I checked, I dont think he had all the parts. Should have checked before posting this. Will order today
  5. Does anybody have a lead on where to locate new wing vent windows including all the trim and latching-to-close linkages? I am having trouble locating replacements for both sides. They are worn out. Thanks in advance
  6. Wilson, Read the "1990 EFI to Carb Conversion" topic that I started months ago. I did the conversion, but stayed with the E4OD tranny. In order to use the E4OD, I installed a "Quick 4" controller. I have pics of the controller with a tuning laptop in the topic. You are allowed to program as many as 4 different tranny performance profiles in the Quick 4 controller, and easily select which one you wish to run on (Performance, Off Road, Cruising, Etc). If you have any questions on the swap, feel free to PM me. There are a number of things you will have to consider, such as a carb camshaft, fuel pump, and even a higher energy starter, etc. Rod
  7. I did indeed install a lower pressure fuel pump in my Bronco when I did the carb change, as well as an emergency backup in the engine compartment parallel to the fuel line that can be rerouted in about 15 mins. I also answered Gunny's PM on the issue a couple weeks ago.
  8. I agree with the EFI comment. They are a real PITA, and difficult to maintain by the average truck owner. I ripped all my EFI out of my 351, and replaced with a Holley 600 cfm, and a carb cam. Now I have a fuel system that I can work on myself in the field. Worked great ever since. RM
  9. Gunny, If you need any advice, please feel free to ask. Baumann has great customer support. I had an issue with a hard shift from 1st to 2nd, and they had me upload the shift profile from the tranny controller to my laptop and send it to Jake in support department. Uploading and downloading shifting profiles is only a matter of plugging a USB cable they provide to you into the controller, and you have instant communication with the controller. No BS with setting up communication at all. He always gets back to you within 48 hours. He modified the profile and sent it back to me, and I downloaded it to my tranny controller. Much better, but still playing with it. I have been driving around the city with a laptop plugged in to view the shifting in real-time. Needless to say, I have learned much about automatic transmissions. Being able to watch the shifting take place on a laptop screen is interesting to say the least. Best to have a friend drive while you do the viewing and tuning! I will be up in North Texas very soon if you would like to go for a test drive. Send me a PM and I will arrange it offline if you want to meet up. Rod
  10. Thanks Fred. I agree that the standard factory block could very well have negative implications that would be a problem for anybody contemplating this conversion. Unfortunately, without your knowledge, I do not know which things would cause detrimental problems starting with a factory short block. As I said before, my short block is an ATK high performance model that may not be identical to the factory model. But I would be interested in what differences there could be between the two. I am not asking you to get back on your "soap box" as you put it, but I think that all of us would like to know what implications there would be, even though we would be asking you to reiterate prior topics that have already been covered by yourself. Most of all, I do not want to send our readers in a direction that could cause them problems or damage. I am only giving my personal experience based upon my current hardware, which would likely be different than the usual Bronco owner. Having said that, may we all ask you to once again get upon that soap box, and save others from problems? I am interested myself too, Sir. Many Thanks, Rod
  11. Gentlemen, and Ladies, I would like to point out that Baumann Electronics (that supplies the Quick-4 transmission controller I have installed) has been A+ on customer support. Sure, I said that this conversion was not easy, but for a mechanically minded individual that wants to buck the system, it really isn't that hard. It will take some time to trace out wires, etc. And you will have to replace your camshaft if you are changing from EFI to Carbuerator. But when it comes down to the electronically controlled transmission, after tossing the engine computer, Baumann will support you 100%. They provide baseline tranny control profiles for each transmission model. I have NO dog in this. I am speaking as a fellow Bronco owner. They have been fully supportive with a simple phone call each time. And if you have a question about your transmission's characteristics after experimenting with the basic profile they provide for your transmission model, you simply record the current running condition with their "US Shiftware" software record function, and email it to them. They will look at the tranny profile, and take your concerns into question, and offer suggestions, as well as a modified profile to download into your Quick-4 tranny controller. Best customer service I have experienced, Gentlemen. And you will see on Holley carbuerator's documentation that you should never use a Holley on an overdrive transmission. But the Quick-4 accomodates for the reasoning behind this. The Quick-4 will allow you to use an AOD, or E4OD tranny with virtually any engine, or model year. And it is really fun to be able to have your laptop sitting in the passenger seat while experimenting with your transmission, and building different running profiles. You can build as many as four different profiles to run from, and select them directly form the controller mounted on your dash. Using your laptop to set it up makes the job simpler, but after the profiles are saved to the dash controller, you may instantly select which ever one you wish to run from. At this time, I only have two profiles..... Performance, and Economy. Rod
  12. I've been running a 4-core radiator in my 1990 5.8L for many years with good success. It never has reached a hot stage at all in the desert during summer, but I do sometimes shield off part of it during cold winter spells in order to add some heat to the engine. I would rather shield off some during winter than overheat in the west Texas desert areas during summer....
  13. Sorry...had to post the pics in the gallery because I dont know how to post them within this topic
  14. I posted some pics of the completed project and tranny tuner. Rod
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