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  1. Thanks! You are right about the decoders.....but I have been able to determine I do actually have a 77. Thanks again.
  2. It does not happen all the time. Intermittent at best, but really a . As soon as I have driven for a few miles at 30-40 mph and then go to accelerate and it bogs. I can pull over and put it in neutral, rev the engine and it runs great. Then I put it in drive and take off...okay until it happens again. Idles fine, no hesitation. Unfortunately I do not have a Tach on it so I am guessing at the idle RPMs but it idles smooth...guessing 900rpms? I am going to try replacing all the vacuum hoses first...since that appears to be the most common problem. Will update everyone. Thanks for the quick responses.
  3. I have an Edelbrock Carb and am not sure I am having a carb issue but I am definitely having a fuel issue. I will be driving down the road...30-40 mph and when I go to accelerate the engine bogs down and almost stalls. I can take my foot off the gas pedal and coast, then re-accelerate and it goes away. Some times are worse than others. I can pull over to the side of the road and rev the engine with no issue of engine trying to stall. Anyone ever experience this or have any ideas where to start?
  4. I should have posted up my results.....sorry everyone. It was a combination of my MC and the Booster....replaced the booster after replacing the failed MC and bingo bango....I can stop. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Bully, and Blade I sent you a message. I am thinking the old F150 shortbed is going to be my best bet.
  6. Okay, tick the boxes on brakes and steering...now I need an e-brake......everything from the pedal/handle to the attachments in the rear drums......there is no sign of this Bronco ever having an e-brake. Any and all suggestions accepted as usual. I have checked BG and Tom's but no one has the complete brake system...and even if they did it would cost about $500.00!!!!!! YIKES!!!! I am thinking scrap yards?
  7. Hello Bronco Brainiacs! After replacing the front calipers, pads, rear shoes and wheel cylinders, new master cylinder and new front lines. I was really trying to keep away from the proportioning valve since it seemed to be pushing fluid thru as it should. I decided to replace the booster and abracadabra, I have brakes!!!! Nice to be able to stop as it should. Thanks for all the input..especially Bully Bob who plainly said PV rarely fail! True story. Now I just need to find an emergency brake for the beast.
  8. I see there has been some mix up.....well, the power steering pump has been replaced and working great. I put a new 3 way adjustable tie rod system and steering is greatly improved. I will be sure to separate problems in the future. Thanks for all the help.
  9. Hey Steve, Thanks.....that is what I was seeing also. The only issue is that every piece of documented paperwork I have is based on the glove box number...title, registration, etc...... How do you decipher the dates? Bruce
  10. Thanks again....will post up some pics with credit to the keepers of the knowledge when the job is done.
  11. I saw that too, but Tom's wants almost $100 more for the same part. The only difference I see is Tom's has it listed for the 77 Bronco and JBG has it listed for the 66-75.......also there is something about having to ream out the pitman arm to get the new tie rod to fit??? That sounds like some serious drilling.
  12. Hello Again All............... I am looking for the referenced "Your suppliers have kits that return the linkage to the 67-75 style." I looked on JBG and see 2 different styles for the kit. One is Item Number: 12725, the other is Item Number 12727. The second one says "adjustable". These both fit the 77?
  13. Wanted to add this comment. The kickdown rod for this particular vehicle is not necessary to get the desired shift into passing gear. I do not know if it has to do with the carburetor or the RPM's...but I get a passing gear no matter what speed I am traveling.....no kickdown rod. I have an Edelbrock carb installed...not sure if that makes a difference.......again, thanks for all the help.
  14. Will do! Once again information that is not available anywhere else. And yes, cap is a vented one.
  15. Quick question for the Bronco Brainiacs. I have a 23 gallon tank in rear of vehicle.....front tank was removed. There are three outlets in the rear...fill tube, overflow tube, and another that I assume is a vent of some sort. The problem I am having is when the tank is full since there is only a short (3") piece of fuel hose on this last outlet gas pours out of it. Especially when turning a corner!!! yikes!!! It is the same gas (23 gal) tank that is available on JBG. All ideas are welcome.
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