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  1. I am restoring a 1988 Ford Bronco and would love to put some factory Eddie Bauer running boards on it. Does anyone know if running boards from a 1995 F-150 part number F2TS-16472-A & 16473-A will fit and if not could I modify them (shorten or lengthen) to fit Thanks.
  2. Does anyone have pictures of a 1988 Bronco with the deluxe tu-tone paint scheme. My is Desert tan with Light chestnut on the sides and fiberglass top and it is at the painters now being stripped to bare metal. Thanks in advance BBSteal
  3. Hey, Guys my niece and I are working on a 1988 Bronco xlt that I purchased 3/15 out of Flagstaff AZ. The Bronco is amazingly rust-free. It has been in paint jail since Aug and every time I see my painter the first thing he says is I cant believe how clean this thing is. The only bad part and why it is at the painters is because the roof and hood paint was totally shot, and along the years someone covered the light chestnut color in the middle up so we are painting it back to 2-tone. For the undercarriage my niece and I spent 1 weekend in the spring painting the frame, floor pans, wheel wells and any thing else underneath with"Chassis Saver" which is supposedly as good if not better than Por-15 and it is easier to find and cheaper. When we get the Bronco back from the painter I'm going to use Fluid Film every fall right before the snow and salt flies to undercoat it over the Chassis Saver. We have already done inside the tailgate and once applied to an area that doesn't get washed away the Fluid Film will last indefinitely. The Fluid film is unlike traditional undercoating in that it doesn't firm up thus avoiding the chipping off and letting moisture get underneath and causing rust which happened to a Dodge truck I had. I think we are also going to spray the interior floor, sides, and roof with Al's liner HNR which is like Lizard Skin but goes on in 1product for both heat and noise, goes farther, and is substantially cheaper.
  4. Was just wondering if anyone is going to attend the Ford Nationals at Carlisle next week 6/2-6/5.
  5. Hey Seabronc thanks for the offer, I am heading to a junkyard Saturday so I'll see what I find there.
  6. Hey Seabronc I already looked at those parts #9 at LMC. They are the metal clips that are riveted to the body, I need the plastic wedge type clips that slid into the chrome trim. Thanks
  7. Well despite the 37 degree temp and numb fingertips I managed to install my neutral safety switch this afternoon. The Bronco now only starts in drive and neutral and my reverse lights work. Putting the switch in was pretty easy the only tricky part is the adjustment process. Before I ventured into the cold I cut a piece about 4inches long out of a wire coat hanger and using my old switch as a test subject determined how far in the hanger needed to go into the switch to make the adjustment, then marked it with masking tape. This made the process much smoother outside and the coat hanger is the perfect size for the hole in the switch. Now on to my next project trying to find the plastic wedge type clips that hold the lower chrome windshield trim on.
  8. Well I finally found and have in my possession a hens tooth, oh no wait I meant to say a 1988 Ford Bronco 6 pin connector neutral safety switch pt# E7TZ-7A247-A. From how this search went I may have the last NOS 2120 switch in existence. I tried all the resources posted above but all turned up 0 results. But then on tues Ray from Henrys Parts Depot called me back and told me a friend of his who had just sold the part I needed tracked one down for me at Matlock Ford in Ind. I called them on Wed morn and talked to Mike who seemed to know what I was going to ask for and started describing the part to me as I described it to him. I thought this was odd but he said he had the part on the counter in front of him because mine was the 3rd call on the part that morning. With that I asked how much and how many did he have, when he said he only had one I told him to wrap it up and send it to me asap. It cost me 89.00 with tax and shipping, I got it this afternoon and hopefully with good weather will install it Sunday. Ray from Henrys Parts Depot 714-997-8895 was great to talk to and really came through for me I highly recommend him to anyone looking for obsolete parts especially the real old stuff. Thanks guys for the quick responses I'll let you know how it goes. Also B-co Kid I really like the looks of your Bronco, stance is great.
  9. Hey Miesk5 thanks for the welcome. Yea I love my Capri it has the comforts of a newer vehicle but with the carbed 302 it also has old school grunt and go. When I drive it it always puts a smile on my face, and occasionally a little sweat in the palms but that's what makes it fun. Ha-ha
  10. Hey Seabronc thanks for the quick response. I tried LMC truck but they don't have the 6pin connector switch only the 4. I called Jeffs Bronco Graveyard and they also only have the 4 pin and they told they think electric shift means the tranny doesn't use vacuum to shift but electric I'm not so sure about that but we'll see. I also tried Ford and a local tranny shop who built me a tranny for my Ltd back in the day with no luck at either. I just found a place on the internet called Henrys Parts Depot that sells obsolete Ford parts. I called and talked to Ray (sounds like an old timer) who is going to look around for the part and if they don't have it he will at least get me a good part number, so I will keep my fingers crossed. This situation is killing me because in June I'll be going to the Ford nationals in Carlisle with the Capri and probably be able to find it there but I want to get the Bronco running safe and inspected asap. I'm impatient and really want to drive it.
  11. I just logged on to see if anyone replied to my tech post and I saw B-co Kids Bronco in the recent gallery images and think it looks great, it has the perfect lift and stance. When it comes time to lift mine that is the look I would shoot for so can anyone let me know what lift and tires does it have.
  12. New member here I just introduced myself in the other forum and now I have a tech question. My Bronco was just purchased from Az a month ago it currently is equipped with the 351, C-6 auto with manual shift transfer case which I assume is all stock. The problem is it starts in gear and doesn't currently have reverse lights both of which are no-nos in Pa. So I removed the neutral safety switch which is in horrible shape (bare wires at the switch body, green contacts inside) and notice that it has a jumper wire connected at the end of the switch side of the harness right before it plugs into the body side harness between the red with blue stripe wires which I guess are the wires for the starter. I figure no problem I'm just going to replace the whole thing anyways, but my problem is that my connector has 6 pins which is the switch for a C-6 with electric shift transfer case (which I don't have) and it is no longer available from the parts stores, only the 4 pin connector switches for the C-6 without electric shift transfer cases are available. I even looked on Bronco Graveyard and they don't list them either. So my option is to buy the 4 pin connector for 52 bucks cut the end off and splice my 6 pin end on hoping the unused wires are for the electric shift which I assume I don't have. What I cant understand is how does the person with the electric shift transfer case replace his neutral safety switch. I know this is kind of confusing and work done by previous owners is sometimes hard to figure out and muddies the water but if anyone has encountered this situation or has some insight for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  13. New member here just saying hello. I purchased my 1988 Bronco a month ago from Flagstaff Az ,living in Pa it is impossible to find anything rust free which I'm happy to say this Bronco is. Even the underside of the tail gate is spotless which I know is pretty rare. I am a Ford guy having owned in the past a 69 Mustang fastback,1970 ford Ltd Xl convert and my current baby a 1985 Mercury Capri 5.0 liter. My Capri is used for shows and fair weather and I wanted something I could enjoy the same way in the colder months year round and figured an older Bronco would be perfect for that. My other reason is that my niece who turns 16 next November enjoys doing the car cruise/show with me in the Capri and wanted to learn more about cars, so I figured this would be the perfect vehicle for us to work on and for her to drive when she gets her license. We have already put a new steering column in it and fixed a hinky rear window /tailgate issue. We are currently doing the brakes and trying to fix a bad neutral safety switch problem which I will post in the tech forums shortly. We have a lot planned for the Bronco and I'll try to keep updating as we go. I have many pics of the Bronco and know I will get asked for them but am not really good at posting pics to sites,so maybe one day I'll have my niece do it. I have visited this site many times in the past as a lurker and am now happy to be a member. I don't do a lot of posting on the sites I belong to but am sure i'll be asking a lot of questions when I run into problems. Thanks.
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