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  1. 2/14/16. So how about an update on the Bronco 2 curse as I believe it just got me. Have a 1987 Bronco 2 Eddie Bauer 2.9, 4x4. Purchased new off showroom floor. Approx 170,000 miles. Best car I ever owned with only the run of the mill repairs. It started spitting black soot and clear liq. water condensation out exhaust pipe about 8 months ago but since my wife came down with cancer I had no chance to ck. it out. So as of today I replaced the dist. cap, rotor, wires, spark plugs, PVC valve, O2 sensor, fuel filter & a new thermostat with no luck so took to repair shop and they put the trouble shooter to it and only found the MAP Sensor was bad and replaced it with a new NAPA sensor part which is all the smaller shops use instead of FORD parts. Still did not cure problem. Problem starts when engine is up to temp. Let it sit a while and runs good until it heats again. Only thing I did not do yet is remove new O2 sensor and put anti_ seize compound made for this purpose only on the threads only. Don't use a conventional paste as it can insulate the sensor useless. I have not removed the battery ground cable yet which they say resets the PCM and life is suppose to be good. Will do this tomorrow. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Just to let U know my wife did not make it. Kind of crazy as I bought the Bronco 2 for her as she needed 4x4 to get to work in winter as we lived at 7200 ft. Elevation in mountains of New Mexico. Seems like the Bronco went out with her. Strange.
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