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  1. My folding arm rests are sloppy and has alot of play. The torque / star head bolt is tight, there is no washer. I tried looking on parts fiche and emailing eBay listings of them removed trying to get the hardware. Are there collars or washers that are supposed the be on the bolts?
  2. I have not experienced that on a bronco, did have a saturn with electrical issues. I lost door chime, radio and fuel pump, was prodding around the interior fuse block and heard the door chime start ringing. found a wire that soldered to the back end of the fuse block was not making good contact. also check for oxidation in each terminal of your fuse block, oxidation will insulate.
  3. The fuse was out when I bought the truck, I replaced it. About 200mikes after putting the fuse back in, I had the VSS code and shifts. I pulled the fuse back out and trans has been shifting fine since (about 200 miles). With the speed, odometer and overhead consume, I have seen no change through any of this and all seem to functioning as they should.
  4. When I was going over the truck, noticed the ABS fuse was out. Put it back in and seemed to have the symptoms and throw that code within 200 miles. I pulled the fuse after running the code and posting the last info. So far, drive about 100 miles with no issues. I did look at the VSS connector, it was not loose and wire jacket had no chafing.
  5. Found the code to be a 452, which google tells me is insufficient input from vehicle speed sensor. I have read a little about them on the rear diff of the bronco and hoping it is something simple. hopefully i will have time today or tomorrow to look into it. Thanks again for all your help
  6. Was on vacation last week and have done nothing to the truck. Since replacing the Air bag bulb, it flashed 2 different times, code 34. I found a thread you posted with someone having same code, but hesitant to play with the air bag wiring (do not want deployment) I was driving this morning, my truck started kicking into gear after about 15 mins of driving. I came to a stop and started again, and no kicking. then after parking about 2 hours i went out for some food, while cruising about 60 the truck revved up and OD light flashing, started kicking around then went back into OD. drove fine the last 5 miles, then pulling into parking lot, seemed to be kicking in and out of 1st at 5MPH. i would think NSS but the parking lot kicking was weird
  7. I spoke with the automotive division of CRL (used to make bronco sliders). They will start making them again if I put in an order for 25 pair @ approx $450 a pair. Well I only need one, so that is not logical. I had went to a local junkyard and measured some bed caps. Most cap sliders are similar shape, and within a couple inches of fitting. Has any one ever attempted this? I Googled it and did not find much info.
  8. figured out the chime, it was a broken pickup on the ignition tumbler. I found the airbag light bulb burnt out, replaced and started the truck with no codes. will have to wait for that flash to get a trouble code The ABS code is 24. I did a quick check of connectors around the hydraulic unit and wheel, did not see any issues. will have to dig into that and get locations of the brake hydraulic control module, front right valve coil. Its crazy, my 94 XLT i have been driving for about 2 years and the ABS light just came on, it was code 22 which is just the opposite wheel of the new bronco.
  9. 2 weeks ago i bought a 95 EB with 351 auto, truck is in amazing shape. I have noticed a couple issues with it and was seeing if there is any guidance twords it. 1 - the door chime box was diconnected, once reconnected it chimes any time the door is ope, (ignition and lights both off) 2 - occasionally, there is a 5 tone beep on startups that goes 5 times. 3 - The ABS light has been on, found a missing fuse. replaced and will test drive later today to see if that clears, if not i have the proceedure to read the code. I found some added wiring under the dash and a reset button (directly under shifter) looks like old alarm someone pulled out
  10. Last night I did not have time to trouble shoot and poke around. But I did open the hood, pull the connector from the temp sending unit then reconnect it and this morning the gauge is reading more accurate temperature (was on the N my entire commute) I found rockauto has the connector with pigtails, I am going to order that and sending unit. Thank you for your help
  11. There is nothing that was done that would have started the change. Just started noticing it out of nowhere. Ambient temperature plays almost no role in where the gauge will rise to. After reading your replys and running possible causes, I am thinking you are right with the sending unit or gauge issue. Thank you, I will use your troubleshooting guide to try and figure it out, hopefully sometime soon
  12. The last couple months my 94 bronco has been running below normal operating temp (usually in the center gap before the N in normal) and taking a while to get there. Thermostat was less than a year old, I replaced it any way. Old stat looked fine, installed new and still running cool. It is installed the correct direction and seated properly. The thermostat used to open around the M and run temp down to about N. Either I'm crazy or there is another passage to circulate the coolant
  13. Ordered the top, shipped to home around 470. Thanks for the information, I will leave a review on quality and ease of install
  14. I was looking for discount codes with the graveyard, but looks like I can get the same rampage top pretty cheap at Autozone using coupons and a gift card I have.
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