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    Leather works, good cold beer, grand kids, working on my Bronco. Wife is a fine art oil painter. Two dogs are Belgian Griffons. Retired banker, real estate loan broker and workers comp auditor. Like to work on home, up keep.

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  1. Crosby, Texas Gas at 1.89/gal at Raceway.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful pictures.
  3. How about a TV screen with GPS in place of the old radio (I have and old '85). How about a real wood grain steering wheel that is installed CORRECTLY with working horn button? How about disc brakes all around? Magnaflow exhaust.l Whew? Wish I could afford my ideas for my Bronco.
  4. Ran it around the block just to keep fluids moving. Now resting in garage.
  5. I just walked passed mine on the way to the drive the Spark at 39 mpg. Dang.
  6. Went to Webster, Texas to meet the kids for Mary's birthday. No offroading, just street roading.
  7. Jgrden


    heh, heh, heh, Yes Jon Gruden had a good year with a bad team.
  8. I want to see this. Send pictures. it may happen to my '85 and I want to be prepared.
  9. This sounds like a job for the Supreme Commander. ‚Äč am wondering if it is carbonated or fuel injected. My '85 is fuel injected.
  10. "Peel and Seal" Great news. Thank ou.
  11. Jgrden


    I tried to register ffor access to the VIP Lounge but it needs a password? Canot find out how to register a password. any clues? Perhaps this is a dead forum?
  12. Jgrden


    I cannot believe the Texans. They were out coached and out played. Sheesh. They kept Watts and Colton out of the game. What is this world coming to?
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